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My Iphones data usage has been creeping up of late, partly due to my child's new found love of all tings ABCkids iview and the weird and wonderful world of YouTube. So I thought I would share my tips on how to use a little less data and save you some money.

1. Check if you have 4g enabled! If you do turn it off! Yes it streams data faster and HD better but it also uses a bucket load more data than 3g.

2. Check the data usage of each app on your phone. To do this on your iphone just hop into the settings tab then mobile and scroll down to the bottom where you will see all your apps and their data usage. If you are not an apple user hop on google and have a look see how you can check the mobile app data usage.

3. Pop into the apps that are using the most data and check their settings, check that videos are not streaming in HD and are not on auto play.  This works in Youtibe, facebook and Snapchat

4. Turn off background app refresh!!

5. Consider downloading some videos into your itunes library, yes you pay for them but you don't need to upload and use data every time you watch them.

6. Check your icloud drive is not using mobile data and turn it off if it is!

7. Check your Itunes App and App stores is not using mobile data and if it is turn it off!

8. Turn off wi-fi assist to ensure that when mobile data is poor your phone doesnt switch to mobile data

Hopefully these tips might help you use a tiny bit less data. Do you have any hot tips for using less data??

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