Our Weekend, Fathers day and a gorgeous ladies catch up

After a long few months of moving house, sickness and changes in our life we are finally settled into our new home and things are beginning to settle down and just in time for us to start the count down to the birth of our baby boy in December.

This weekend we started our Saturday early as I was off to have my blood glucose test. Two hours of my Saturday morning down, three blood tests and I was ready to eat a mountain of food. We headed off to baby bunting to pick up some goodies and tick a few more things off of our list and then off to our new local for a coffee and food.  After our refuel we spent the day in the garden and doing some odd jobs around the house, a quick walk and it was time for me to get ready for dinner with girlfriends.

We headed to Hatch & Co at Gasworks and ate a mezze of snacks, chatted and laughed for hours, then we headed to Max Brenner for a delicious dessert and home before midnight.

I wore this Target Maternity tunic , currently on sale

Sunday was Fathers day, we headed to Bribie Island for a early BBQ breakfast, a walk along the water and a play in the playground. A quick coffee and we headed home for little misses nap (and Daddy's) and then off to my brothers for a lovely late lunch with the family and our Dad.

A weekend full of family time and a little Mummy recharge and we are ready to start the week a fresh.


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