Our Weekend

Our weekend festivities started on Friday afternoon when we decided to have a spontaneous dinner and desert date. Neither of us felt like cooking so we headed to Gasworks and had Mexican and Max Brenner desert. It was a fun and easy family date and we had  a ball showing little miss the lights at Gasworks.
                                                Image result for gasworks lights
                                                                                           Image - theurbandeveloper.com

What I wore
Joanna Relaxed Knit BLUSH
(super soft, over sized and comfortable)

We shared this one and it was so amazing..

Saturday we headed out for a walk around our neighbourhood and grabbed a coffee at our local

Image result for little corner cafe brisbane
Image sunshineandgin.com

Then we went double pram shopping and it was awful, I mean the shopping part was ok but Im now in a muddle as to what pram we need. The style, the brand......
Image result for bugaboo donkey duo

Any help would be appreciated!

After we spent the afternoon at home doing odd jobs when a huge storm hit, hail, strong winds and lashings of rain! It went for about 20 mins and left a lot of water in its aftermath. 

Sunday brought us a Sunny Spring day so we headed for another walk and coffee date, and spent the day unpacking (still I know) and playing as a family. 

And its Monday again, have a awesome day xxx

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