Shed The Extra Pounds With These Ingenious Ideas

Now that spring is here, summer is just around the corner. And that means that many women are starting to think about their beach bodies. Most of us will look fabulous as we are. But some of us will be focused on losing a couple of extra pounds so that they can have a killer beach body by the time November rolls around. Here are some of my ingenious tips and ideas that can help you lose the extra weight and look fab in your bikini.

Sign Up To A Weight Loss Programme

If you always start well but then end up losing your motivation, you may find it useful to sign up to a weight loss programme. Many of these programmes have lots of local meetups in cities and towns. This gives you the chance to meet people who have the same fitness goals as you do. You will all be able to keep each other motivated throughout the next few months! Not only that, though, but you will be given detailed meal plans and fitness schedules to stick to. So there are two fewer things you need to organise! There are loads of different plans and programmes you can sign up for, including weight loss with impromy.

Use A Smaller Plate

One of the main reasons many of us are carrying a bit of extra weight is because we are overeating without realising it. Over the past few decades, our portions have continued to increase slowly. And these days, we use huge plates on which to pile up our food. This is one of the main reasons many people find it difficult to lose weight even when they are eating a balanced diet. So try eating smaller portions. It could take a few days for your body to get used to consuming less food, but after a couple of days, you won’t notice the difference! There are lots of websites and blogs that have information about the correct portion sizes.

Ditch The Coffee

Do you rely on a latte or flat white to get you going in the mornings? Well, it could be worth ditching your regular Starbucks order. There are lots of hidden calories in our favourite drinks which could be making it hard for you to lose weight. You don’t have to worry about going cold turkey straight away, though. For the first few days, ask for skimmed milk in your coffee. If you are feeling brave, try a straight black coffee. Ready to ditch your coffee for good? Then move onto peppermint tea for a natural energy boost.

Don’t Ban Foods

There is no point banning yourself from your favourite foods. You just need to cut back on them and, when you do eat them, enjoy them in moderation. If you do tell yourself that you can’t eat a certain food, temptation is likely to win, and you could end up overindulging. So rather than pigging out on a whole chocolate bar, simply make it last over a couple of days!

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