So You Don’t Like What You See In The Mirror? Here’s What To Do!

Most of us girls have a love-hate relationship with our appearances. Sometimes we love what we see in the mirror and other times we almost hate ourselves. It’s hard being a women, especially when we live in an age where images of ‘perfect’ bodies are everywhere.

While we all have ‘off days’ where we hate what we see, sometimes a problem with our appearance goes a little deeper. There are some issues that no amount of new clothes and makeovers can get rid of. It’s these problems that need a somewhat different approach than simply brushing off the issue.


Here are a few handy tips for dealing with the fact that you don’t like what you see in the mirror. Take these on board and hopefully, they can get you smiling again.

Determine exactly what it is that you don’t like

The first step that you need to take is to determine exactly, what it is that you don’t like about your appearance. It’s not just a case of saying ‘I hate my thighs’, decide what it is that you don’t like about them. Is it the size of that’s the problem? Do you dislike the shape? Be specific about what the problem is, as this will make it easier to deal with. If you don’t work out what the problem is specifically, you’ll find it harder to move past it. So take the time to decide what exactly it is about your nose that you hate or why you dislike your hips.

Consider your options

Once you’ve determined what it is that you dislike about your appearance, the next step is to consider your options. Is the problem something that you can fix yourself, such as with a change of diet and new exercise regime? Or, is it something that you will need professional help dealing with? Say, for example; you hate the shape of your stomach because it has an area of fat that won’t budge. You may find that undergoing liposculpture treatment could be the best option for dealing with it. Although eating well and staying active will help, because it’s stubborn it may take months or even years to budge. You need to choose the option that’s best for you.

Talk to a therapist about it

Before you rush into anything, it might be wise to talk to a therapist about how you’re feeling. Sometimes, sharing your thoughts on a problem with someone else can give you a more objective look at the issue. Don’t be afraid to talk about the fact you don’t like what you see in the mirror, a lot of women have the same problem. It can be hard explaining to someone else that you don’t like yourself, but it can be beneficial. This is especially true if it helps you to comes to terms with the issue and find a suitable solution for it.

Follow the three steps above and you can deal with the fact that you have low self-esteem and lack body confidence. There are solutions for almost every problem, so whatever the issue, you can fix it.

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