Spruce Up: Spring Clean Your Space Properly

If you’re in the process of painting walls to brighten up your bedroom, this sounds like a good opportunity to get cleaning.  But not just a light swipe of the feather duster, take the chance to give your room – or home – a deep clean.

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It’s probably not going to be something you do very often but will make a difference over the years. It will extend the longevity of furnishings, like carpets or rugs, and will make the house a nicer place for you to live in. Also, you want to make sure dust doesn’t hang around in case anyone in, or that visits, your house suffers from allergies.

So invest in some proper cleaning to brighten things up a little.

The windows

Your windows are a part of the house that seems to be neglected all too often when the rest enjoys a good clean. You can do the inside yourself by just giving them a good scrub and wipe down with a glass spray. The outside edge of the windows is a little more difficult, naturally. If window cleaners don’t come to your house, then you need to take action. Find your local window cleaning service and just get them to pop by. It won’t take long and isn’t expensive but will open up the room more than you’d imagine.

The carpet

Carpets get trodden on daily. It is only natural that they pick up a few scuffs and bits of dirt here and there. If your carpet is a light colour, the you will probably notice and pick up mostly with the hoover. But darker-coloured carpets make it really tricky to see when dust and dirt is collecting. It’s time to invest in some professional carpet cleaning. Services like this will do a much more thorough job than is possible for you and will make the carpet look good as new once more.

The clothes

Yes, sorry ladies, it’s time to declutter your wardrobe. Clothes piled up and bursting out of a closet look incredibly messy to anyone that steps foot in your space. It’s a definite sign that you own too many clothes and could well be a bit of a hoarder. Dedicate at least one day to go through every single item of clothing and decide what to do with it. A good trick is to ask yourself if you saw it in a shop now would you run over to it and buy it? If the answer is no, you either need to sell it on or hand it over to a charity shop. The same goes for every pair of shoes you own; I’m afraid. As painful as it might seem, it gives you more room for storage and will give you a little mental clarity.

The rest of your room just needs to be cleaned as normal as well. Multi-service wipes are great for using in pretty much any spot; they pick up dust and banish some stains while leaving a fresh citrusy scent behind. Go ahead and get spring cleaning – you’ll feel miles better once everything is clean!

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