The 3 Types of Insurance You Should Never Be Without

Warning: insurance for dummies coming up.
Insurance can be a bit like your Dad’s birthday present. You put it off and put it off because you’re not sure exactly where to start. Until suddenly you need it. Then you panic and scramble for the first thing you can get, realising you may have left things a bit too late.
Yes, insurance seems like something just for adults. Yes, it’s money you don’t want to spend. And yes, you will be grateful that you bit the bullet and took out insurance after all.
1.    Home Insurance
Annoyingly, no matter how careful you are with home security, break-ins do sometimes happen. Or other unforeseen homeowner emergencies such as floods, leaks and fires. In an ideal world, none of us would ever have to deal with these stressors. Unfortunately, the unpredictability of these events means the most you can do is protect yourself just in case. Housing insurance can cover you for a large sum of the money should something go wrong. You might only be left to pay an excess, which would be minimal when compared to the full damage costs! Whether you’re a homeowner or tenant, have a good browse online to find the home insurance package best suited to you.  

2.    Pet Insurance
Trust us on this one. There is a high chance you will underestimate the cost of vets bills until it’s that bit too late. Animals love to run around, play fight and will constantly come into contact with new things and animals. It only takes a bit of bad luck for your much-loved pet to need a course of antibiotics, an X-ray or even an operation. Don’t paws for thought – show you care by investing in some pet insurance. The worst thing imaginable is not being able to afford to nurse your pet back to full health due to unforeseen expenses.
3.    Health Insurance
Without wanting to depress you, we all know how unpredictably ill health can fall upon us. A recent Harvard study noted that statistically, "your family is just one serious illness away from bankruptcy." Investing in some quality health insurance is essential for putting your mind at ease. It could make the difference to yours or a loved one’s life one day. Workplaces will often help you out, but it can be difficult to find an affordable programme without employment support. Even if you only opt for a minimal coverage plan, every little does help in those kinds of situations.
Insurance doesn’t end there, of course. Be sure to dive into travel insurance options for holidays. Get your first automobile insurance along with your first car. Make sure you turn to life insurance when you start a family. Taking out insurance shouldn’t be seen as a negative thing, it’s a case of hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. Leaving yourself in a vulnerable situation could result in a serious financial situation one day. But this is easily avoidable with the right insurance policies!

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