The Dos And Don'ts Of Property Renovation

Making a beautiful home for ourselves is something many of us aspire to. It can always feel like we have to make a sacrifice somewhere, though. We can create the look we want, but the space isn’t right. Or maybe the space is amazing, but the fittings are dated. With a home renovation, you may be able to get exactly what you want. This one is strictly for home owners, but with a healthy budget, your dream home maybe possible after all.

We would all love the show-home look. When friends come to visit, we want to wow them with our contemporary fittings, open-plan lifestyle, and bright, airy feel. So how can you go about creating that? Don’t start knocking walls down just yet! Many internal walls can form part of the stability and structure of the whole building. And no, you can’t always tell just by knocking what is underneath the plaster board!

One thing you absolutely must do before anything else is detail what you want and how far you can go. It would be a shame to knock down a wall, plaster and paint everything and then realise you need an extra electric socket there. Any renovation gives you dozens of options. Not all may be affordable or desirable. But knowing how far you could go gives you a choice to do that while building works are happening.

Don’t hire just anybody to help you. And be wary of a very cheap quote. Ask for references, or pick trades people your neighbours and friends have used happily. It’s always worth shopping around or using online forums to get an idea for a quote price you think is about right. Do use professionals if the job is beyond your comfort zone. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Don’t touch the parts of your property that you know contain asbestos. It is deadly stuff and really not worth the risk. Speak to companies like proas asbestos removal if you think there may be asbestos somewhere near where you might want to renovate. They’ll be able to give guidance and remove it if necessary. Old piping and cabling may also need to be checked before you touch or move it. Speak to a plumber or electrician to make sure they are safe and unused.

Do wear the appropriate safety gear. OK, so goggles and hardhats and puffy clothing protectors make us look ridiculous. But it’s called safety-wear for a reason. Your favourite fashions will thank you. And you’re less likely to become one of those DIY disaster statistics down at the hospital. Do dispose of your building rubble and waste responsibly. Your local authority can advise you where to take it. Or you can hire a local company to collect.

Do make sure you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve with any renovation project. If you have a love for it, there is a lot of profit to be made from renovating tired properties. Love your home.

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