What Type Of Cleaner Are You? Your Small Screen Inspirations

Despite being in the 21st century, no one seems to have invented a house that cleans itself. Okay, so I assume it's important that we save the planet and find a replacement way of powering cars, probably. Yet you'd think the greatest minds would have set themselves to fix something that actually matters, jeesh... anyway. Houses don't clean themselves, and that means we have to give some of our precious time over to doing it.
Everyone has different methods, which is both a blessing and a curse. From a vast amount of research (i.e. I asked my friends), I have discovered there are four different types of cleaner profiles. All can be compared to a TV character. Which one do you fit - and how can you make it more efficient?
The Monica
Named for TV's most famous cleaning-obsessive, Monica Gellar from Friends. You're ruthless. Dirt is the enemy, mess is to be obliterated and any bug that crawls across your home is to be slaughtered. You have actually morphed from finding cleaning a chore to something you actively want to do. Your home always looks like the example in a show home brochure.
How to make it more efficient? Lady, you know you don't need my advice for that. You've got this nailed. You're probably cleaning your computer while reading this, aren't you?
The Carrie
Ah, Carrie Bradshaw: so many questions asked throughout Sex and The City, yet never once seen holding a duster. Perhaps wearing something resembling one, but not actually holding one. Carrie types don't clean, because they don't create mess. Who needs to wash up when you eat out all the time? Ovens are for storage, not cooking!
How to make it more efficient? You're rubbing against the grain here. Choose everything to be low-maintenance, choosing surfaces that need minimal effort to maintain. If you’re really committed to a life of leisure, hire someone like RJ’s Cleaning to do it for you
The Claire
For Modern Family's matriarch, you're a busy woman always juggling seventy-things at once. You don't like cleaning, and nothing ever looks exactly perfect. Other people are always messing up what you have cleaned, and you spend as much time thinking "that'll do" as "that's done".
How to make it more efficient? Break everything up into small chunks. You've not got a lot of time on your hands, so don't try and tackle everything at once. Go for little bursts in specific areas, then sit down with a glass of wine to have a rest for once.
The Lynette
You're not dissimilar to the Claire, but there's one key difference - you don't always get things done. Your house is messy, and not in a Bohemian I-like-it-that-way kind of style. Whether you have kids like the eponymous Lynette Scavo of Desperate Housewives or are just a tad lazy, you're always chasing to keep up. You never quite manage it. You're close to giving up on trying.
How to make it more efficient? Clean as you go. Don't let things build up, because that means accepting you'll never truly get it done. When you cook, wash things up as you gone. Rather than dedicating time to cleaning, get into the habit of always being in the process of doing so.

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