Where To Save and Where To Splurge on Your Home Decor


Decorating a house can be extremely expensive. If you’ve just moved into a new home or your current place needs a refresh, you might be wondering where to start. Few of us have the luxury of being able to spend whatever we want, and so it’s useful to know where to spend the extra and where to make savings while still getting the best result.

Where to Save: Wooden Furniture
The great thing about solid wooden furniture is it pretty much lasts a lifetime. Styles and trends might come and go, but wood can be refreshed and modernized without spending much at all. This means you can completely transform items. Look for solid, sturdy pieces in places like junk shops and on Craigslist. People often sell them cheaply or even just give them away because they look shabby. Get yourself some sandpaper, some paint and new handles and you can achieve some great looking pieces. This could be things like tv stands, dining tables and chairs, coffee tables, sideboards and chests of drawers. You’ll save an insane amount of money rather than buying new. Plus you get to have fun doing the DIY side of things, and end up with completely unique pieces of furniture.

Where to Splurge: Sofas and Beds
When you’re relaxing at home, chances are you’ll be sat on the sofa or lying in bed. These are two pieces of furniture that are extremely well used in the home; it’s always worth splurging here. Buy the best you can afford and invest in quality. That way they will last you for longer and be more supportive and comfortable.

Where to Save: Soft Furnishings
Your cushions and throws are likely to wear out fairly quickly regardless of how expensive you go. They’re the types of things that need to be put in the washing machine often, and so will never last you forever. Inexpensive pieces like this can be changed each season and is a good way to bring a seasonal accent colour into your home. You could save money by buying them cheaply from places like Sheridan Outlet. Then when they wear out, you can replace them and bring a whole new look into your room.

Where to Splurge: Painting and Decorating
It doesn’t matter what gorgeous furniture and accessories you have in your home, if your walls look scruffy it will always bring down the entire look. This could be paint that’s been applied to cracked and uneven surfaces and hasn’t been done properly, or wallpaper that’s wonky or developed gaps. These kinds of flaws will cheapen the look of your rooms so it’s worth paying a professional to do the job right. A company such as Prime Painting offer this service. That way you can be safe in the knowledge that the finished result will be smooth, even and perfect.

Where to Save: Home Accessories
Decorative pieces such as clocks, candles, photo frames, faux flowers and other bits and pieces can all be picked up really cheaply. These little finishing touches are necessary to make a house into a home, but you definitely don’t need to spend a lot on them. Check out Dollar stores, Ikea or other high street homeware shops for them.


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