Buzz Away! Keeps Pests From Your Home With These Easy Hacks!

You might be surprised to know how many people are having to deal with pests in their home. Whether it’s fleas, wasps, or birds, it can be a challenge for families. For one thing, these pests can be harmful for your health. Bugs like fleas can be irritable for your skin. But also it can be damaging to your home. For example, a wasps nest can damage a roof! Therefore, you need to prevent them, so they don’t become regular visitors to your home anytime soon!

Get insect screens for your windows

When it’s a hot day, you sometimes need to open the windows to let some air into your home. After all, your family needs some fresh air to cool down, especially if they are trying to sleep! However, once you have opened the window, your family are at risk of bugs such as wasps and mosquitos entering your home. Wasp stings are painful, while mossy bits can really irritate your skin. And as much as you might spray the room, one pesky bug tends to find somewhere to hide before they appear later with new friends! Therefore, you should consider getting an insect screen for your window. That way, they can’t come into your home! You can find out more about these in my previous blog.


Add decoys to your roof

You need to make sure you keep birds away from your roof in your home. For one thing, the excrete from the birds can damage the roof and also cause issues in the gutter. Also, they might end up getting inside your home which can be a stressful occurrence. To get them to stay away from your roof, you should use a decoy such as a fake bird. It will stop real birds stopping and nesting on your roof. You can also get steel bird spikes which are a great deterrent to birds. They don’t harm the birds, but they stop them from landing on your roof!

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Wash bedding regularly

It’s so important that you keep on top of washing your bedding regularly if you want to stop bed bugs and dust mites from making home in your bedroom. For one thing, it can make your family ill as they both cause flu reactions in humans. As well as this, they can irritate the skin so it means you will have sleepless nights. Therefore, you should make sure you wash all your bedding at least once a week!

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Get flea preventives for any pets

Fleas are a pest that are hard to remove once they get in your home. They get everywhere and can make your home look awful. As well as this, they can irritate your skin and cause red marks all over your body! And they can be very stressful for pets if they are living in their fur. The best way to prevent fleas from arriving in your home is to make sure all pets have preventive flea treatment. That way, they can’t pick up any fleas when outside of your home!

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Remember to make sure you repair any cracks in your home before any pests make your property their new home.

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