Contemporary Tweaks That Can Liven Up Your Rooms

Do you want to add a bit of extra life to all the rooms in your home? There are many tweaks and updates  that can help you do just that. Most of which won’t blow your whole decorating budget. And they will all make a big difference to your home’s decor. Will you have a few hours spare at the weekend? Then why not start planning the following cool ideas to really liven up each room’s decor.

In Your Bedroom

You can quickly add a splash of bright colour to your bedroom by adding some accent pillows. This can change the personality of your bedroom in no time at all! They will work especially well if your room features a neutral decor. During the summer, add some bold yellow patterned pillows for some extra brightness. Once winter rolls around, you can always switch them for a warm mauve colour. You could even add some fluffy accent pillows in winter for some added comfort!

In The Kitchen

It’s very easy to create a contemporary kitchen in your home. And it doesn’t have to take up all your time or use up all your savings! One great idea is to vary the materials and textures used in the kitchen’s decor. So if you have a very modern interior and use a lot of metals in your kitchen, you could think about adding some wood. Why not head to your nearest second-hand furniture store this weekend? You could look for a vintage cupboard or shelf that you could add to your stylish kitchen.

In The Bathroom

There are also a lot of different tweaks you can do in your bathroom. For instance, why not cover up the sink’s drain and pipes with a sink skirt? This is a great idea if your sink doesn’t sit on top of a cupboard. Most bathrooms have plenty of shelves and racks in them. But if you are still struggling for storage, you can always add some hooks to the bottom of these. This gives you the chance to hang up things for storage. If you don’t have too long to spend updating your bathroom, simply focus on separating all your cosmetics and storing them according to use. This will make things easier to find and will save you time getting ready in the mornings!

In Your Living Room

Have you ever thought about creating your own artwork for your living room? One of the easiest ways to do this is to use your family photos and create collages that you can hang on your walls. If you want to get really creative, you could buy some decorative chalkboards and stencil on words or images. Homemade art is a great focal point for a living room. And it is something that you can be truly proud of! If your children are old enough, you could even get them involved!

Thought you might be bored this weekend? Not now you know about all these tweaks and updates for your home!

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