Easy Ways You Can Keep Your Home Warm and Save on Your Heating Bill

Running a home can be a costly business. Think about when we have cooler weather and how much you spend on heating bills. Then you will know what I am talking about! So you might be looking for ways to keep the heat in the home. Then you don’t have to worry about your gas or electricity bill going through the roof. Here are some quite low-tech ways to keep your home’s warmth inside.


Invest in Thick Curtains

If you only have Roman or Venetian blinds in at home, you might notice that your home gets a little bit cool. You can still have blinds if you like, but having some curtains to frame the window is a great idea. Then when it is a cooler night or day, they can help to keep the room nice and warm. If you have radiators near windows, then tuck the curtains behind the radiator. Then the heat will stay and circulate in the room, rather than travel straight out through the window. During the daytime, though, try and get as much sunlight as possible. On sunny but cold days, the sun will still shine through the home and heat it. So open curtains and blinds as much as you can during the day time.


Consider Your Floors

Cold tiles or bare floorboards can lose a lot of the heat that is in a room. That is if they are not insulated well. So if you have a lot of flooring that is exposed, then it might be worth considering getting carpet in some rooms. If you don’t want to stretch to get the whole room carpeted, rugs and throws will make a difference too. They will help to keep the heat in, like a carpet would, as well as keeping your feet warmer. So it is worth checking your budget to see if it will stretch to some new flooring.


Check For Mini-Draughts

There are several places in the house that can lead to a draught. If there are quite a few of them, then they will make a difference. Warm air will escape through them, and cool air will be let in. So think about your house and what might need to be changed. If you have a home that has cat-flaps in the doors, then are they needed? Some people just haven’t changed their doors, and they don’t even have a cat! If this is the case, get the door replaced. Do you have an old mailbox in the door that is letting in a draught? If it is, then look to get it replaced. The same goes for windows and seals on doors.

Set Timers

It is a good idea to set timers for the heating at home. Having it on all day is expensive and a little pointless. Having the heating come on at regular intervals is much more effective at keeping the home warm. It is much more efficient than quickly turning the heating on to rapidly heat the house too.

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