Hi-tech Or Low-tech? Security Options For Your Family Home

Most of us are fortunate enough to live in good neighbourhoods where crime is rare. But lots of people struggle with the emotional trauma and financial hardship caused by burglaries every single year. Some thefts are considered petty. Maybe a garden tool or your car wheel trims were taken. But when strangers have entered your backyard or even your home, life can suddenly feel a lot scarier.

When you’re looking at upgrading the security to your home, you need to start with your perimeter or boundary. While the front of the property is usually open to the street and even the neighbour, the back is often enclosed. It is more secluded and private here, so it needs to be as secure as possible. Make sure all sides are fenced securely. Choose professional fencing solutions from companies like Smoothline Fences to give you even more privacy and protection. Add a lock to your access gate too.

Doors are easy to open. This is why all your doors should have a locking mechanism that is reliable. Start with your garage, sheds and outbuildings. Your pool should have a locked gate too. Put all these locks on your seasonal maintenance list, so you know they are checked regularly. Next, check for drafts. These could be a sign that your door or window is vulnerable to a forced entry. If all that is needed is a bit of fuzzy draft excluder, then now could be a good time to fit that too.

Light is a pretty good deterrent for burglars. You can go high-tech and fit PIR sensor solar security lights. But a cheap all night glow could be enough. If you have a mains supply outside, fit a low power LED light to the fitting to save some cash on your energy bill. Even if you don’t have a dog, a low-tech sign saying you do could be a pretty good deterrent too!

One high-tech security solution that is becoming ever-more popular is the CCTV camera. Of course, nowadays, they can be viewed using an Internet connection from anywhere in the world. Set up secure passwords to avoid any invasion of privacy. They can be used as doorbells so you can see who is calling. And you can even use them to check on your kids and pets in the garden while you’re inside making a meal.

Alarms are very expensive to maintain. And it is rare that anyone acts upon them when they go off. They just annoy the neighbours! But they can make for a great high-tech deterrent. If they do go off, the alarm company calls you to check you are OK and to alert you to a potential breach of security. A low-tech version of this is a simple movement sensor toy that you might find in a cheap toy store. Some make animal noises or flash lights when you move in front of them. For just a few dollars, it is a handy alert that someone has entered while you are in the house. Stay safe.

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