11 Golden Rules for Getting Ready For A Girls Night Out

A girl’s night out is just the medicine we need to get us through our daily grind. Here is just about everything you’ll need to remember to make sure the night goes off with a bang.

  1. Call The Girls
They’re obviously the most important part of your night out. Plan far enough in advance that everyone’s available, and make sure you confirm the meeting time and place - nobody wants to be waiting around.

2. Co-ordinate Your Outfit
Try to do this before the day itself, then you won’t be scrambling around trying on everything in your wardrobe at the last minute. If you’re super prepared then you can even plan your outfit right down to your makeup and perfume. Make sure you consider comfort - those heels may look incredible, but you might end up regretting them after you’ve been dancing for six hours.

3. Paint Your Nails
Once the day itself arrives, the first thing you’ll want to do is paint your nails. And since you’ve already planned your outfit, you should have a fairly good idea what shade to go for. Make sure you do this early in the day to avoid smudging.

4. Freshen Up
Next you’ll want to take your time showering and washing your hair. Start early so you’re not rushing right up until it’s time to leave. Use your favourite body creme and hair products - it’s a night out after all, so treat yourself.

5. Have Something To Eat
Perhaps the most important thing to remember: eat! You’ll need the energy to get you through a night of dancing, and it’s always a good idea to line your stomach before a night out.

6. Pamper Yourself
Spend some time going through your skin care routine and applying body moisturizer. You’ll feel better about yourself if you take your time, and you’ll end up smelling delicious.

7. Style Your Hair
Go with a look that’ll suit your outfit, and something that won’t look too dishevelled after hours of dancing. Just make sure it isn’t a style that is tied too tight, otherwise you’ll end up with a sore head and you’ll be in bed by 8.30.

8. Make Up
Emphasise your favourite feature. If that’s your eyes then a dark smoky eye looks great in a nightclub. If there’s any opportunity to wear huge false eyelashes, this is definitely it. Otherwise, a natural eye and a strong lip can be a beautifully daring look. Choose a perfume that is long lasting and strongly scented, and maybe pop a little vial in your handbag for top-up later in the night.

9. Accessorize
Co-ordinate your jewellery with your outfit. If you’ve gone for a classy chic look, try some opal earrings to make your eyes stand out. If you’re more into bold colours and patterns, an Aztec inspired statement necklace can look really cool.

10. Sort your handbag
Make sure you have your ID, phone, keys, money and cards, and any essential make up you might need throughout the night. A pair of flat shoes are also a good idea if you’re wearing particularly high heels.

11. Go!
Get your bag, leave your entire room in a mess (it’s inevitable) and go! There’s nothing quite like a night out with the girls to make you feel good.

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