Throwing A Party On A Budget? Why A Homemade Party Could Be The Perfect Choice

We all want to plan a party to remember. We also all know that party planning isn’t easy or cheap. There are ways to make things cheaper, though! You don’t have to break the bank to make your party a good one. The more you do on your own, the less your party is going to cost. Getting creative with your planning is an excellent way to save yourself money. It also allows you to plan a unique party your guests will remember. Plus, it’s an excellent way to have a little fun! Here are some money saving tips you might not have considered.


Catering can be a major cost in any party. Why not cater yourself? You may think your guests wouldn’t enjoy a standard buffet, but they may surprise you. They’ll probably appreciate the effort you’ve put in. Maybe you want to channel your inner chef and make the food yourself. Don’t give yourself unnecessary pressure, though. Most food stores offer a variety of buffet food that will go down just as well. You could go basic with mini pizzas and cakes, or you could go all out with a theme. Maybe serve all Indian food or a variety of Chinese bits. You can also save money on any possible breakages by buying paper plates and plastic cutlery. It’s worth investing in some plastic wine glasses as well. Taking these measures saves you having to wash up as well!


With technology what it is, there’s no longer any need to hire a DJ for your party. Nobody likes a DJ who plays the same old hits, anyway. Why not set up a playlist for the party yourself? You can do this on most phones, or on a computer. This saves you money and has the bonus that all the music will be stuff you like! You could look into hiring a set of speakers, or setting up some you already have. Do you have speakers attached to your television or computer? Why not put them to use? Again, the guests will appreciate the fact that you have chosen all the songs yourself. They’re much more likely to hit the dancefloor this way! If you’re struggling for playlist ideas, there are plenty of examples to take inspiration from.


It’s also worth turning your hand to the decorations. A lot of party decorations cost a lot and would be easy to make yourself. Buy some fabric and get creative. Make your own tablecloths or fabric hangings. Instead of buying confetti, you could buy a shaped hole punch and make your own. Make your own table decorations. Old jars can make great vases. Think recycling as you make up the centerpieces. There’s plenty of inspiration online. Take a look and get inspired!  

Following these steps will add a personal touch to your party that money can’t buy. Not to mention, they’ll save you some pennies. Go ahead and show your guests a party unlike any they’ve seen before.

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