7 Great Ways To Add Value To Your Home

If you’re aiming for your dream home, you will need to be able to work your way up the property ladder. The best way to do this without robbing a bank is to maximise what you currently have. Spending a few thousand dollars making your house look modern and stylish could add tens of thousands to your asking price.

  1. Fix anything that needs it
Structural problems will come to light during a survey and could cause any offer on the table to fall through. Before you even consider aesthetic renovations, ensure the fabric and structure of the building is sounds first.

2. Spruce up your garden
Your garden is an extension of your home, and a considerable part of what attracts people to new properties. Make sure your garden is tidy, and space is optimised. If you have room and a bit of extra money, installing a swimming pool can put thousands on the asking price.

3. Convert the roof space
The more rooms your house has, the more it will be worth. If the roof isn’t tall enough for headspace, considering adding attic trusses or cut roof timbers to increase the height.  If you can convert your roof space into another bedroom or a study, then you increase the floor space, making it much more valuable.

4. Renovate your bathroom
A bathroom is where people go to clean and pamper themselves. A bathroom with a mould problem or old fixtures will be off-putting to potential buyers. It needs to be clean and fresh, stylish, and bright. Companies such as SilQ Interiors specialise in optimising the space and style of your bathroom.

5. Modernise the kitchen
It is essential to most buyers that a kitchen is both attractive and hygienic. Ensure all cupboards are clean, that doors aren’t hanging off, and that the sink area is free from any mould or damp around the seals. It’s also important that the room has modern appliances, even if you plan to take them with you. It makes the room seem more luxurious.

6. Enhance kerb appeal
The housing market is competitive, so you need to make a good first impression. The first thing any potential buyer will see is the house from the road, so it needs to look its best. Ensure all hedges are neatly cut back, that window frames and doors are freshly painted, and that the door number or house name are clearly visible. If it’s a particularly old property it could be worth repointing the brickwork and replacing the eaves.

7. Install new windows
High-quality windows are an essential feature for safety in a home. A potential buyer will look at the locking system and the glazing to determine the security of the building. New windows also offer better light, and make a house look more modern and on trend. If your windows are particularly old or outdated, it could be worth considering replacing them.

Not all the work required when selling a home is aesthetic, remember to make sure the fabric of the house is all in good shape too. Good luck, and happy home selling!

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