House Proud: Should You Build Your Dream Home From Scratch?

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Due to unusual locations, steep price rises and advancements in technology, design and even construction more of us are choosing to build our homes. There’s something extra special about being able to design, build and move into the property you first imagined in your mind. However house building, even with a professional team, is no mean feat and problems can often arise, delays are frequent, and the finished product might not be what you were after. Still, if everything goes right, you could end up with a stunning, bespoke property that perfectly suits your needs.

Does The Property Exist Already?

If you have a particular vision in mind, it may pay to have a look to see if what you’re thinking about creating exists somewhere else. Firstly, if the property is close by you’ll be able to have a look at the design in its finished form, see for yourself that certain materials, products or construction pieces work as well as chat to the owners about what they like about this style of house. Secondly, if the house is for sale, it could be worth saving the build money, move into a place that’s already standing and not have to worry about where you’re going to live during the construction process. Lastly, viewing a similar property can help you decide if that’s really the look you wanted and allow you to make changes to the plans while you still can.

Is The Plot Suitable For Your Needs?

Many people initially choose the plot of land they wish to build on without really knowing what the environment is like. It’s vital that you know about any building laws, where your sewage pipe will go and how you wish to power the property. As the house will never have been lived in before, you don’t have the advantage of knowing if there are any issues if it rains, which side of the property gets the most sun or even if you need a permit for any building work in the future. However, reputable building firms like Ballarat home builders will be able to advise you on suitable construction companies, land surveyors, and useful council numbers as well as any other issues that may arise early on.

Will There Be A Contingency Fund To Dip Into?

There’s no getting away from it custom build houses from package based properties to a full architectural design can be expensive. Before you start to dig, seriously think about if your finances are in good enough shape to afford building costs as well as any problems that may arise. It’s well known that any construction project especially those involving new build properties often run well over schedule, certain materials are subject to delays and even inclement weather can hold up even the smallest of building work let alone something that may take weeks, or months to finish. Will there be a problem if the project falls behind? Can your fund deal with replacement shipment of wood or spiralling foundation costs because the plot of land isn’t on good enough quality soil?

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