Wonderful Engagement And Wedding Advice From Those That Have Gone Before You

Getting married is the most wonderful thing, but it is a big deal and a lot of hard work to organise. Unfortunately, it’s often the woman that gets landed with a lot of the preparation and ends up pulling her hair out to make the day perfect. But what you can do if you are planning your upcoming nuptials is listen to the advice of those that have already done it. Then you won't make the same mistake they did, and hopefully, the whole thing will run much more smoothly.

Emma, Brisbane


“The problem that we had at our wedding is that the caterers weren’t very good. We had a cold buffet that had obviously been prepared well ahead of time. So by the time we got to eat it, it was stale, and the sandwiches were curling.”

“If I could do it all again, I would make sure I was very clear with caterers that everything had to be freshly prepared that day. I would also keep an eye on them, and make sure they kept it covered until just before we were all ready to eat. It's not much fun eating a curled up sandwich on your wedding day!”

Janny, Queensland

“When we got married I stressed too much about all the wedding favours. I spend ages deciding what they should be and then I made them myself too.  Me and my OH went down our favourite beach and collected sand, which we carefully decanted into bottles that we had decorated as a reminder of the day.”

“The problem is, that after everyone had a few drinks, no one really cared about the favours and most of them got left behind. I'd wasted all that time and effort for nothing!”

Terese, Sydney

“I wish that I had chosen my own engagement ring. I thought, at the time it was my OH job to do this, and it wouldn't be as romantic if I knew what I was getting. The problem was that I didn't factor in that there was a possibility that I wouldn't actually like the ring."

"When he presented me with it, I had to act all happy, when I was actually pretty disappointed. After accepting and plucking up the courage to tell him, we went to look at engagement rings together. But it could have all been so much simpler if we’d done that way in the first place.”

Sophia, Newcastle

“My wedding day was one of the happiest moments in my life. I had the dream venue, the best car, and all the guest were being treated to a hot three-course meal and plenty of wine. The icing on the cake is that I was marrying the man of my dreams.”

“But sometimes I wonder whether instead of spending so much money per head on our guests,  we should just have had more people come. There were people from my work that we couldn't fit on the list, and some of my OH’s distinct family that live aboard. They might not have come, but I can't help thinking it wouldn't have been nice to invite them.”

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