Don’t Let Repairs Keep You From Summer! Quick Tips For Household Maintenance

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No matter what time of year there are certain tasks that’ll need doing order to keep your home looking clean, shiny and in good condition. Every weekend we say we’ll tackle the gutters, paint garden furniture or cut back overhanging trees and invasive shrubs but often repairs get shelved for another time.. Don’t let excuses such as ‘the weather’s too hot’ ‘the kids wanted to go x,y or z’ and ‘it’s the wrong time of year for that’ stop you as household maintenance is critical to keep your home looking just as lovely outside as it does indoors. If you ignore little jobs now, they can quickly snowball into larger, more expensive problems later that may need specialist equipment.

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Check Your Timber

Now’s the time to get outside and give your property a good, thorough inspection while the weather’s hot, fine and sunny plus any chances of thunderstorms are minimal. Start at your house and don’t forget to include any barns, outbuildings and even aviaries or dog kennels. Look at all the wood sections carefully, making a note of if any of the sections are cracked, the paint’s begun to peel or if joining nails are rusty or broken.

Be aware of any signs of wood rot, holes in the wood and a spongy texture,  or if there are any signs of damp, woodworm or termites. Even though it's not currently termite season, these little blighters can strike at any time, and it’s always good to be prepared if you’ve had an infestation in the past. Neighbourhood Commercial Pest Control firms will be able to give you more information on protecting your property and annual inspections. Next, go ahead and patch up, replacing any rotting wood with new timber and sealing up small gaps to completely weatherproof your house.

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Jetwash Those Gutters

During the summer any leaves that have fallen into your gutters recently will be slowly turning to mulch and could easily block up your drains. Other debris that the wind or any animals may have blown onto your roof can fall into gutters; this can then loosen pipes from the wall and cause channels of water to form when it does rain. Grab a long hose or powerful jet washing machine and make sure all pipes, gutters and overflow tanks are clean, not forgetting that your down pipes are draining properly into storm water outlets. The last thing you want to be doing during a thunderstorm is unplugging your drain or worse waking up to find your driveway has turned into a lake overnight!

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Have Your Radiators Looked At

While you won’t even want to think about heating right now, you do need to get radiators, vents and any underfloor heating tunnels looked at sooner rather than later. Ensuring that your gas heater and appliances are working correctly as well as knowing there are no heat leaks is well worth your time. Either investigate these yourself, or better still, go ahead and take a morning or afternoon off work while a heating engineer comes out to your house to clean the vents and advise you of weather-proof heat tape you can use to keep things cosy.

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