Keeping The Kids Healthy

There has been so much in the news lately about the increasing average weight of children and how they are much less active than 20 years ago. It can be pretty scary to read if you are a mom. But it is a good thing to be aware of because knowledge is power, and if we know there is an issue there, we can do some things to avoid or prevent problems like these. Read on to find out how.


A pool is a fantastic way of keeping the kids moving and active, especially if you live in a warm country like Australia. Kids just love to mess around in the water and swim about.


Obviously, you have to think about the practical side of this too, though. For example, you will need to teach the little one to learn to swim as soon as possible, as well as have a cover over the pool to prevent any accidents.

It is also a good idea to get a pool heating system like the one available from, so you can get the most use of it it all year round. It's not much good if they can only be active in the is way in the summer now, is it?

Sports Clubs

Another great way for looking after the health of you kids to encourage them to join a sports team. This can be anything they like from football to basketball. Or a martial arts club, or dance class can work well too.


Setting a regular time for exercise like this not only gets them out of the house and off of their games consoles. But it also allows them to get use to being in the habit of integrating physical activity into their everyday lives. Of course, it's a great way for them to meet friends and socialize too, so it really is something that is worth considering.



Another simple way of getting the kids active is to provide them with bikes. What little one wouldn't live to wake up on their Christmas or birthday morning to find a shiny new bike with a ribbon on it at the end of their bed?

Bikes are great because they teach balance and coordination and as well as just burning calories. They are also good for helping your kids to build up a sense of confidence as well as independence when they learn to master the technique.


Of course it, not just activity that is important for the little ones heath, but rest too. Children need more sleep on average than adults every night as their bodies are still growing. They also need time to unconsciously process all the learning that they are doing.

That means it is can be very valuable to have a set time the week, that the kids know they must be in bed for. Having a set time like this as recommended by, can also help you get them ready for bed by limiting phone and computer use. As well as getting them to partake in rituals like a hot bath, which can make falling asleep easier.


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