The Home Safety Check Off

The home is automatically registered in your minds as one of the safest places you can be. It is where you eat, sleep and spend time with family and friends, so the last thing on the mind is that the home can actually be quite dangerous and hazardous. Certain things can happen in the home which can be really dangerous for those who live inside. As such, there are various things you should check off to ensure it stays a safe place. Here are some such things. You may have already looked into them, but if you haven’t, give it a quick check just be sure. It is easy to overlook things while living a busy life after all.

Fire Hazards

This is one of the most dangerous issues that still plagues the world. Fire can seriously hurt or even kill your family if you are not careful. If you live somewhere that has an issue with bush fires then consider using a property maintenance firm to check your home over. They can potentially make it less susceptible to fire. You should also check the threats that are internal. To mitigate these ensure you have smoke alarms throughout your property. These should be placed in the main hallway and landing of your house. Test them once a week and always ensure they have a battery replacement when needed. They will detect the smoke and tell you about the fire before it really becomes a big issue. Without them your home and family are certainly at risk.


It can depend on where you live, but homes are popular places for insects and other animals to call home. Some of these can be really dangerous. Hornets are particularly nasty. As are wasps and bees if disturbed. If a child bumped into one of these nests they can easily be killed by multiple stings and if you have a an allergy then the threat is even more severe. You home is also at risk from other kinds of creatures such as rats and mice and cockroaches. Rats can carry diseases which spread with ease. Make sure all such things are dealt with as soon as possible. If there are stinging insects consider calling out professionals who can ensure the nest is removed in a safe way.


The silent killer can be extremely hazardous. Anything which burns fossil fuels can give off CO2 which in turn can give severe symptoms like nausea, headaches and sleepiness and in the worst cases, death. People die every year from CO2 poisoning. You need to ensure you get all your fossil burning devices checked out yearly in a service from a certified tradesperson. They can ensure it burns right and also save you money because they will be more efficient. The issue is worse the older the boiler is, so if you have a really old one consider replacing it. You can also get CO2 alarms, similar to fire alarms. They will sound if you have excess CO2 in the air and you should put one in each of the rooms where a fossil burning device is.


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