Party On: Making The Most of The Good Weather


While the summer here is Australia has come to an end, it’s still nice and warm and perfect for an outdoor party! Plus for everyone in the Northern hemisphere, you have a long summer to look forward to- the perfect time to get friends together and make memories to last a lifetime. If you’re planning on hosting an incredible get-together, here are some cool ideas to consider.

Create a Cocktail Station
The great thing about a cocktail station is with a few different ingredients, you have the potential to create a huge variety of different drinks. So there’s something for everyone. Start with some spirits and liqueurs- vodka, whiskey, brandy, gin, and amaretto are good choices. Add some mixers to the table such as tonic water, cola, lemonade and fruit juices. Then a bowl with chopped lemon and lime and some garnishes will finish everything off. Don’t forget to have plenty of ice in the freezer ready to go. From there people can make any drink or cocktail they like! You could leave out a book of cocktails or laminate a few classic recipes for people to try.

Jump For Joy
Not just for kids- inflatables are something adults will have a whale of a time messing around on. If you’re wondering where to buy a jumping castle, inflatable slide or inflatable game there are sites online with a wide selection. If it’s only something you’ll use the once, you could hire them instead. If you have a pool at home, you could buy some huge inflatables for this too. Either way, it’s something a bit different and is something people aren’t likely to forget in a hurry!

More Childhood Nostalgia
Another way to bring back some childhood nostalgia and have loads of fun is with giant lawn games! You can find everything from snakes and ladders to connect four. It’s a good way to get everyone chatting and mingling and is a nice way to enjoy the weather outside while it’s still nice. You could turn them into a drinking game where the loser does a shot!

Capture The Moment
When we all lead such busy lives, it can be difficult to get everyone together at the same time. Parties are great for this, so if you do manage to round everyone up then be sure to take some photos to capture the memories! You could set up a DIY photobooth in the corner of your home or garden- all you need is a plain white wall (or a white sheet) some chairs and some props. You can buy all kinds of fun and silly accessories on eBay to liven up the photos, and it’s another thing for your guests to do. When everyone has fantastic cameras on their phones these days, you don’t even need a camera. Why not set up an Instagram hashtag for the party and get everyone to tag their pictures with it? That way all of the pictures are in one place making it easy to scroll through.

Sing The Night Away
Finally, we know everyone becomes the world’s best singer after a few drinks! So make the most of this, a karaoke machine can provide hours of fun. They’re not too expensive and is something you can bring out at every party for plenty of laughs!

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