Thinking Outside The Box To Give Your Home A Detox

Whether it’s crossed your mind that your home isn’t looking as good as it once did or you simply felt the urge to click on this article, the time has likely come for you to renovate your home. A home renovation doesn’t always have to be for the purpose of selling a property; sometimes it can simply be for the purpose of making life a little more pleasant for you and your family in their household. If you’re wondering how you could think outside the box and get a little creative with your home’s detox, here are some top tips.

The exterior.
The exterior of any home is one of its most vital elements. Exposed to the elements on a constant basis, the walls may look battered and bruised, the paint job on the door may have faded, and the paving slabs or graveled driveway may have seen better days. It’s easy to see a ‘home’ as the inside of a house, but the outside is just as important. You want to feel welcomed as you approach your property, rather than letting a heavy sigh loose every time you come home from work.

A little paintwork, a few flourishes of flowers and perhaps re-graveling the driveway are all things which could make a huge difference to the outward appearance of your home. You could even look into companies specializing in residential lighting columns to help create a warm inviting glow outside your property but also a sense of security to deter any opportunistic intruders. Depending on how green your fingers are, you could also look into a little gardening around the back of your property. You’ve got extra space out there that you may not be using, and this could be turned into an additional room for your home; an outdoor room, but a useful space, nonetheless.

The big de-clutter.
You’ve tidied up the outside of your home, and this will not only make your home feel a little more inviting as you stroll up to the entrance but it’ll make a great first impression on guests. Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Now it’s time to tackle the inside of your home, and you can’t truly overhaul the appearance of your home until you’ve de-cluttered. It’s natural that, as years go by, even the tidiest of homes becomes swamped by items gradually hoarded over the years.

Old kids’ toys, gifts from others that you feel you can’t throw away and other old items that have lost their worth or never really had any are all ready for the tip. It’s hard to bring yourself to do it, but you know which things you do and don’t want to keep. If there is anything of worth that you no longer want, this could be the chance to sell things online and make a little money to go towards your home renovations.

Natural lighting.
Sometimes the key to refreshing a property is simply to allow a little more light into the rooms. The windows need to be complemented with a refreshing, white or light-colored coat of paint for the window-frame and walls. This will help reflect the natural light during the day and add some vibrancy to your home.

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