Here Comes The Sun!

Plants need the sunshine to grow, right? Without it, they can't photosynthesise, so it's a pretty important element of any garden. The problem is that us gardeners don't always have much control over how much of that precious sunlight we get. It could be that we get lots of the stuff. But this ends up scorching our precious plants and lawns. Or we just don't get enough, and our garden is struggling to produce all the glorious flowers that we desire! But there are some ways around these problems. Just read on to find out what they are.

You don't get enough sun

One of the biggest problems that you can run across when you have on outside space is that doesn't get enough sun. This can be problematic in two ways. Firstly because you don't get as much sunlight as you would like to sit out in. Then secondly in that, it limited the type of plants that you can grow.

Unfortunately, the reason that most gardens that don’t get enough sunlight is because of the way the garden faces in relation to where the property is built. Basically, the house itself can be in the way of the sun, keeping it in the shade for the majority of the day.

As there is not much that you can do about this, other that knock your home down and rebuild it somewhere else. Or move house, it's better to just make the best of what you have.


That means maximising the area of the sun that you do have by cutting down trees, removing fences and using plants and flowers like Bleeding Heart and Ivy in the shadier areas.

Remember too that there are different types of shade like dry shade, and wet shade that will suit different types of plants. So be sure that you do a little research and clever planning to get your choices right.

You get too much sun

Conversely, the other problem that a lot of folks suffer from is that their garden can be too sunny! While it sounds lovely to have a garden in full sun all of the time, unfortunately, it isn't.

This is because, not only is it pretty harsh on your plants, but it can make sitting out and enjoying it impossible as well.


But what can you do to rectify this situation? Well, first of all, you need to think carefully about your planting plan. Utilize taller plants, shrubs, and trees that enjoy strong sunlight, to create small patches of cover underneath, for plants that need more shade.

For your own enjoyment of the garden, why not look at ways of creating shade like the Skillion verandah? Or even an outdoor room? You can build these attached to your home, or even as freestanding structures.

They are a great way of creating a larger area of shade in a sunny garden, in which you can let the kids safely play outdoors, or dine under for BBQs and parties. Without the fear of being out in the direct sunlight for too long.

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