Is Your Home A Target For Burglars?

Being burgled is one of life’s most unpleasant experiences. It’s not just the things that thieves steal from your home, but the mere fact an intruder has been rummaging through your private possessions has an enormous psychological impact.

It’s vital, then, to make sure we put a lot of focus on home security - an area we have covered plenty of times before on this blog. But the big questions for today are: what are burglars actually looking for, and what makes your home a target? Let’s get inside the mind of the average thief and learn about why they might be targeting your home.

The easy option

First and foremost, burglars want to get in and out of your property as quickly as possible. Most burglaries are opportunistic, so it’s things like leaving doors and windows open at ground level that is often an invitation for them to try their luck. But don’t underestimate a criminal’s ability to skin up drain pipes or walls and reach upper floor windows, either. Always lock up before you leave your home, and if there are high incidents of burglaries in your community, it is even best to shut doors and windows when you leave a room.

A lot of cover

Your home may look splendid surrounded by trees, shrubberies, and lots of lovely foliage. But all this natural cover is also very appealing to burglars and thieves. The average criminal thrives in the undergrowth and will be happy to wait for several hours until you leave your home. Your best bet is to trim back bushes and hedges, and also install security cameras pointing at areas of particular concern.

A rickety old garage

If your garage has an access door into your home, make sure that you invest in proper security. An old, broken, rickety garage door is a huge temptation to the average burglar, as garages often contain high-value items from cars to work tools. Sliding doors can provide you with robust security, and you can get a good idea of the effect roll up garage doors can have over at You should also take a look around your local neighborhood for inspiration, too.

Flaunting your wealth

Burglars won’t risk breaking into a home unless they know there is a lot of value inside. So if you have a habit of flaunting your wealth and all your expensive possessions, don’t be surprised when you suffer from a break in. Expensive cars should always be kept hidden away in a garage, and never leave items of high value in plain view of the windows.

Access to fuse boxes

If you have outdoor fuse boxes, make sure you either lock them properly and invest in a robust surrounding. According to, burglars actively target homes with weak looking external fuse boxes. It’s easy to see why - they can turn off all your power in a single moment, including all your alarms and security equipment.

Hopefully, you will never experience a burglary. But by using these tips, you should reduce your chances of being a target by a significant amount.


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