Make Your 3 Star Home Feel Like A 5 Star Hotel


Think back to your last trip, that holiday you went on before you had kids. Remember hiking up that trail, and that local market you found before chasing attractions for a few hours. It was amazing, but so was getting back to your room and falling backward onto that bed, oh that bed; the Egyptian cotton and cloud-like pillows. No one has ever slept that well in history and no one has ever woken up so happy either, curling your toes in that gorgeous shag-pile rug as you stretched out on your way to your spa-like bathroom, the fresh Citron de Vigne soap making the place smell like Southern Italy.

That’s how a little taste of how it a five-star hotel, but that part of a holiday shouldn’t end when you get back to your own home. That is the kind of luxury we deserve to have all the time and, better yet, we can. You just have to focus on three main rooms.


The Bedroom Takes Centre Stage
This is the piece de resistance of any luxury hotel, so you need to mimic it as best you can. So start by matching your bedding, pillows, and curtains. When it comes to the bedding, the sheets should be the highest thread count you can afford, and the duvet needs to be thick. Oh, and have a headboard of some kind. It could be padded fabric, gold leaf or driftwood, whatever your budget allows. The other things to consider are matching bedside tables and lamps, a cozy chair, a desk and a television. Ahhh, the foundations of luxury have been laid.


Your Beautiful Bathroom
Serenity is the goal here, as is going posh. Most luxury hotels have showers with a hundred jet sprays and a jacuzzi bath, but this isn’t a must-have. A luxury bathroom is all about little details; the sights and smells. So grab a white gold vintage cistern button when you next buy plumbing toilet parts and a seat with gold hinges. Replace your sink taps to match as well. Add some glitzy mirrors and fill the place with scents and smells. It could be candles, or diffusers, or smelly soaps. Thick towels are another must and, if you can, put a dimmer switch on the lights. Voila.


The Entrance To Heaven
Every luxury hotel wants to draw breath from its customers from the moment they walk in the lobby. They want their guests to whisper the words, “wow.” To do this simply, you just need to have a focal point or a couple of focal points to draw the eye. Start with a gorgeous table in the middle of your entrance, or to one side. Then add to this. An eye-catching lamp, some fresh flowers, an array of books and pretty knick-knacks. Then fill the wall above it with a big mirror or imposing piece of art. That’s a to make someone whisper “wow.” If you want to live this luxury a bit more, then add a comfy chair somewhere. This will give you somewhere to sit when removing your shoes or boots; your guests too, of course.

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