Making The Most Of Your Families Free Time

Family time is so precious and it can be all too fleeting. Before you know it, it’s Monday and the kids are back to school and you're off to work or doing the chores. As tired as everybody might be, it makes sense to make the most of the time you get to spend together. Whether this is after school and work, or on the weekends. If you’re struggling to think of creative and fun ways to spend these special moments, here are some ideas…


Making the most of mealtimes is hugely important. Dinner time is a great meal to set aside for the whole family. Make sure you all sit around a table together to eat and chat. This is a time to catch up on each others days and bond as a family. Your kids will get the chance to tell you about important goings-on in their world and vice versa.


It can be tough to snatch some moments during the week to bond, but just before bed is one of them. Read with your kids every night. This is a great way to relax them and get them ready for bed. It also develops their reading skills and it brings you closer together. Allowing your children to discuss and choose books is a good way to encourage learning too.


If you’re trying to squeeze in some more free time with your partner then take a look at sunnybank hills child care centre. It’s a great way to make sure your kids are being looked after whilst you have some much-needed rest and relaxation. Not just that, but the centre are dedicated to providing a safe, structured, and fun environment for learning and playing.


Plan at least one big excursion a month. Something the whole family can get excited about. It might be a camping trip, a day out at the movies or just a big family get together. Whatever it is, these types of occasions are a great way to make some memories with your family. They’re also a seriously good motivator during those hard weeks at work.

Educational Activities

Spend your families free time indulging in some educational activities. It may sound like the opposite of fun, but a day trip to a museum is might be just what your kids need. It’s a nice way to do something different and have fun whilst learning. It’s a particularly good idea if the kids have a project coming up.

The Great Outdoors

There is no excuse not to spend some more family time outside. It’s free, fun, and helps to get you fit. All you need to do is bring a picnic, ball, or your bikes, and you can spend an enjoyable day together.

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