New Home? Now, Before You Unpack...

Moving into a new home is an exciting adventure. You may have bought your first home, or you’re moving in with a partner, and it’s all starting to come together. Once the deeds have been arranged, before you do anything else, before you’ve unpacked, before you’ve popped the champagne, there are some things you need to do right away.
Change The Locks
You have no idea how many people have keys to your home, so you need to get those locks changed as a priority. If you’ve moved into a new area, you need some time to get your bearings, and it’s important to be safe in the knowledge that you’ve done all you can to protect your home from the beginning. A top tip: don’t just re-key the locks, but change the hardware too. It’s peace of mind. You can either install the locks yourself or get a locksmith to do it cheap enough.
Replace The Filters
You have no idea how long the filters have been there for before you moved in. These could be from the vent filter above the cooker, the aeration filters in the kitchen or bathroom spigots, or the air conditioning unit. Replacing the filters doesn’t cost much, and for better quality air as well as improved water pressure, it’s a small price to pay.
Clean The House
Your new home will never be up to your standard of cleanliness, so take advantage of the time before you move all the furniture in to give the place a thorough clean from top to bottom. You might even find that there's a lot of waste and junk left there by the previous tenants or owners. There are firms like that can help if you have found piles of garbage in the garden! As part of the cleaning process, getting rid of old waste or recycling that was left there before will help you to make a new stamp on the home, and give it your own identity before you move all your stuff in!
Install The Tech
If you haven’t got the furniture in, you might as well make the most of your space by getting the tech set up. You have easier access to every electrical point, so if there are any issues you have when it comes to safety, you can make the necessary checks.
Part of the home improvement process might be to get a better idea of the house by speaking to the previous owners. If you're on good terms with them, it may benefit you to get a list of reputable contacts. If they had preferred plumbers or electricians that live nearby, then it doesn’t hurt to be nice and ask for some recommendations. It doesn’t hurt to be nice about it and ask if you can text them if you need some extra information.
Once everything in unpacked, you can relax in the knowledge that you’ve done everything to make your home as great as it can be. Put your feet up, relax, and enjoy your new place!

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