Practical home styling guide for newlyweds

Moving in together is one thing – actually sharing a home as newlyweds is another. You’ll find that there’s more to it than just agreeing on the porch door’s colour. The merging of two households is often riddled with challenges because you’re merging not just styles, but your stuff too. In most instances, it requires tough choices, concessions and compromises to be made. Here are a couple of tips to organise and style the home you’ll both call your own.
Do an inventory of your items. There’s bound to be a lot of things you individually own, and as newlyweds, you have a good opportunity to avoid a cluttered first home. Take exhaustive inventory of all your things, taking note if there are any items like towels, toasters, coffee makers and remove either by recycling, selling, or donating items that are unwanted or not being used.
Check the floor area. The next step is to evaluate your home’s space. This is a vital step before styling or organising your home. Look around and measure the space you can work with to see what furniture will suit it best, and where. For example, a big sofa might not be the right size for a small living space that’s joined with the kitchen.
Start planning. Designing a space will take a lot of time and planning, then work for the execution. Before deciding to purchase anything new, it’s important to ask your spouse how much of a say he/she would like to contribute to the home's design. You can get a better idea of his/her style by showing them images of styles and spaces. This will let you see what both of you would like.
If your stuff doesn't really go with his/her, try finding items that complement or flow with each other. For instance, try painting mismatched tables, chairs and dressers the same colour in order to unify your style preference and space itself. You can reupholster a vintage chair in a fresh fabric that will merge your preferences.
Buying smaller items, like wall art and throw pillows, can easily help bring together a room that would otherwise look mismatched.
If one of you has a personal attachment to any piece of furniture that will not fit the overall design you want for the home, try keeping your negotiations to the basics, like the item's quality, scale, and necessity. You can also consider getting a third party to help you with the negotiations in a non-emotional way. This works most of a time.
Still looking for that one, perfect place?
If you’re still in the process of hunting for your home, then you know that it’s one of the biggest financial investment you’ll deal with as a couple. Most couples tend to settle to a community that’s near both of their origins. For instance, you can buy a Lendlease house in Townsville if both of you agrees with the location. These neighbourhoods boast family-centric amenities and important necessities close to the community itself.

Moving into your new home and figuring out what goes where and which items will stay or go takes a lot of time, patience, and compromise on both of you, but this shouldn’t keep you from having fun while working things out! Take your time and make loving compromises. That’s all there is to it, really.

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