Cost-Efficient Ways to Keep Your House Warm During Winter

As the rest of the world celebrates summer, we’re stuck here with chilly winters and heavy snowfall. But as exciting as the snow can be, it’s also a time of the year where we’re forced to spend a lot of extra money just to keep ourselves warm. As a result, it’s not uncommon to end up with hefty energy bills throughout this time of the year, but there are plenty of ways to cut the costs down and still keep ourselves warm enough to make it through winter.

So without further ado, here are a couple of cost-efficient ways to prepare yourself for winter. Keep in mind that while these methods will keep your energy bills down, they might require a bit of initial investment, but it’s all worth it in the end.

Declutter Rooms

First of all, make sure you’ve decluttered the house. One of the main mistakes that people make during the winter is clogging up the areas around the radiators. As a result, the heat doesn’t dissipate into the air which results in less heating all around the house. If you’re going to use your central heating, make sure you don’t cover radiators with boxes, chairs or anything of the sort. If you have to rearrange your rooms, then do so with heating in mind.

A Heat Pump

Heat pumps are extremely versatile because they offer both heating and cooling settings, and they do it at a much lower cost than typical heating systems. Daikin heat pumps work by transferring heat, essentially making a warm place warmer and a cold place colder. The settings can be changed so that they are effective in both summer and winter, making them fantastic investments that can control the temperature in your house at a low operational cost.

Thicker Curtains

Changing your curtains for something a little thicker is a great way to protect your home from draughts and heat loss. This is a cheap option to keep your house warmer, but you want to make sure the curtains are open during the day to allow as much sunlight in as possible to warm up your house. It’s a free source of heat, so don’t keep it out! However, when the sun hides away and you’re left with nothing but a dark and cold environment, keep those curtains drawn to keep the heat in.

Block Draughts

Speaking of draughts, make sure you’re sealing up any kind of cracks and holes in your home that could be letting a cold breeze in. A good place to start would be any pet flaps that you’ve installed in your doors, and you might want to consider sealing up cracks in your windows as well. If you feel a chilly breeze entering your home, then try to identify where it’s coming from and then seal up any holes you find.

Use Heating Timers

This sounds like a simple tip (and it is) but it’s worth mentioning because of how useful it actually is. Make sure you set heating timers so that your home isn’t using energy when you’re not inside. Most boilers have timer settings that can be set to your liking, so plan your day out and make sure you’re not wasting energy by only turning the heating on when you’re at home.

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