The Ultimate Winter Preparation Checklist

In June, most people throughout the world are getting ready to celebrate the start of their summer. For us Aussies, it means we have to get ready for winter. It’s been a whole year since we had to deal with this season, and your current set up at home is probably not ready for what lies ahead.
So, take a look at this winter preparation checklist to help you get sorted for the upcoming months:

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Get Your Boiler Serviced

Heat is essential when you’re getting ready for winter. If your boiler isn’t working properly, you may be without hot water or central heating during the cold months. Naturally, this isn’t good at all as it can lead to illness and discomfort in your family home. What you should do is get your boiler serviced and then repaired if needed. There are loads of places like Precision Electrical and Plumbing that offer heating and hot water services. Get this sorted out, and you’ll guarantee that your home is nice and warm throughout the coldest period of the year.

Plug Any Heat Leaks

Prepare your home for winter by going around and plugging up any heat leaks you may have. This refers to areas of your home that are guilty of letting too much heat escape from it. Your roof is a big culprit, as small cracks or poor loft insulation can allow heat to escape. Get this seen to, and ensure your house is a big insulated box ready to be nice and toasty this winter.

Buy Winter Clothes

You should also start heading to the shop to buy some winter appropriate clothing. It’s not going to be hot anymore, particularly in the night time. So, you need to wear clothes that can keep you warm when the temperature dips. Get yourself some thick wooly clothing to ensure you’re never left shivering through the night. Also, consider buying winter bed covers too, for some extra warmth. Don’t just think about yourself here, make sure your kids are wearing winter clothing too, so they don’t freeze!

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Be Ready For Snow

Depending on where you live in Australia, you may see some snowfall this winter. If you live in the alpine areas, then snow is probably a real possibility. In fact, if you’ve ever experienced snow, then this tip is for you. Make sure you’re ready for it when it happens by having many things at your disposal. Buy a snow shovel in case you need to clear your driveway. Also, get your hands on some salt or grit that you can lay on the pathway and pavement around your house to help stop snow from sticking and becoming slippery. If you’re ready for snow, it won’t affect you that much if it happens.

There you go; four tips to help you prepare for winter in Australia this year. It always feels weird when winter comes around as we’re used to hot weather and the sun here! Tick off everything on this checklist, and you’ll soon be ready for the cold months ahead.

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