What to Look for When Viewing Houses

Buying a new house is a big investment. You need to be sure of what you’re getting yourself into before you make an offer. Viewing houses will be your best chance at spotting any damage or things that you may not like. When the time comes to view your favourite houses, it’s wise to have a checklist of things to look for in case you forget. Here are a few tips on what to keep your eyes open for.

Drive Through the Neighbourhood
Just doing a simple drive through the neighbourhood could tell you lots of things. What do the streets look like? Are they well taken care of? You may be able to notice if neighbours have good relationships with each other and keep a lookout for any vandalism in the area. You’ll also be able to take a look at the front of the property. What does the paint work look like? Have the gutters been cleared? It’s surprising how much knowledge you can gain from a trip in the car.

Is There Damp?
Damp walls and floors are certainly not something you want to live with. When you get to your viewing, check all of the walls for damp inside. Damp may not always be obvious but it can have a particular smell. If the owner has candles burning or something baking in the kitchen to mask smells, try your best to look in all the corners of the walls to see if you can spot any damp coming through. It will be easier to spot during the Autumn and Winter months because that’s when its wettest.

How Much Work Is There to do?
New houses rarely need work done when a buyer moves in, but if you’re purchasing an older house, you may want to change things. Find out how much work you’d need to do to get it to your standard. Is it a case of modernising one room or almost tearing the whole place down? If you need a new bathroom, unify bathroom renovations may be able to help. If the house needs more work done to it, you should consider whether it’s worth investing in. You may also have to plan to live without certain rooms for a period of time, while you live in the house.


Storage is one of the most overlooked items on any house buyer’s checklist. It’s easy to forget when you’re concentrating on size, rooms, garden, design and many more. Families tend to have a lot of things they need to store, and it only gets worse as the years go by. If you have a lot that needs to be stored away, rather than cluttered around the home, you need to take storage into consideration. Look for a decent sized garage or a large loft space where you can put the things you don’t need all year round, like Christmas decorations.

The important thing is to not jump into any decisions quickly. Take your time and make sure you don’t miss anything.

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