3 Tips For Celebrating Your Family In Style

We all love our families and want the best for them. But how often do we celebrate the fact that we are a family? After a while, the same faces at our breakfast and dinner table might mean that we lose sight of just how beautiful a family setup is. You might even, over time, take it for granted. This is where familial arguments occur and a host of all other negative shenanigans that unfortunately can impede families from becoming what they should be - completely tight-knit and celebrate each other's success.

So as a parent, how do you foster this feeling of celebrating the family unit? Well, you might try these three tips.


In your property, assigning a wall or a room if you’re lucky to the celebration of the family unit can be critical in reminding everyone of the journey that you’ve come on, and how proud you are of each other. This might look like different things to different families.

One family might enjoy designing artwork on the wall that metaphorically depicts the personalities of the entire family, of which can be amended over time as people grow and change. This is a beautiful, flexible and reactive idea that can keep the family proud and happy in their collective story.


Why not design a family insignia? This can serve to help you establish a strong, stable familial image. Much like ‘houses’ in medieval times, or in fantasy books operate, insignias are immediately recognisable symbols that can best depict the personality and chosen color scheme of that family. This ‘tribal’ consideration is not only fun to conceive of and implement, but it can actually help your family to feel like they’re all on the same team.

You needn’t be too pompous with the imaging, however. A golden crested lion holding a spear might have been great in feudal times, but now it can serve as coming across a little pompously. Try and think of a more appropriate image. If your children keep ferrets or rabbits, why not have a rabbit as the main image, and have a family meeting deciding what colours should surround that animal? The effort alone can help your family feel closer together than before.


Commissioning some beautiful family photography can help you capture the various developmental stages of your family as they age, learn and develop together. A professional photographer will understand exactly how to encompass your family’s attitude, as well as giving you posing tips and providing a nice platform for you to be photographed within. Be sure to make this a family tradition, booking a photoshoot at least once every two or three years.


Families that communicate stay affable with one another much more than families that don’t. While it might be tempting to let your moody teenager retire to their room with their dinner, this can have a harmful effect on the positive socializing of the entire household. Make sitting at the dinner table with your meals an explicit family rule. This encourages conversation, and that is the key that holds a family together. In fact, family’s that develop their own little language to communicate, such as sayings, phrases or quirks in speech show a strong familial bond.

Make use of these tips, and your family will have been celebrated for the beauty it brings everyone involved.

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