Is Your Home a Soft Target?

No one likes to think about the possibility of their home being broken into. But these things do happen. And the truth is that homes with fewer and weaker security features are the ones that get targeted most often. If a criminal sees your home as a soft target, they will be more willing to target it than if you have lots of security features in place to keep your home protected. It’s something that you definitely need to give some thought to. So, is your home a soft target? If so, here are some of the changes to make.

Replace Old Windows

It’s often the case that burglars use windows to gain access to your home. If your windows are old and past their best, your home will be a much softer target for criminals. They will have an easy way into the home, and they won’t have any obstacles at all. Newer windows are much more secure, and it’s a lot more difficult to break through them and gain access to the home. So, this is the kind of upgrade that is definitely worth making if you want to secure your home.


Install a Security Screen Door

The door is the next thing that you should think about. When you have a security screen door in place, you can be sure that people won’t be able to knock through it or gain access. They are completely secure, and only you and people you authorise will be able to get into the home. You should definitely learn more about the benefits of installing a security screen door before you make your purchase. It’s the kind of home upgrade that really does massively improve your safety.

Don’t Leave a Hidden Key Out

This is one of those things that so many people still do. Yes, it might seem convenient for you to have a key hidden under the plant pot so you can always get into your home. But it just makes your home a very soft target. It’s one step away from leaving the front door open when you go out. Don’t give criminals such as easy path into your home. As soon as someone notices that you have a key there ready and waiting to be used, they can get into your home without any problems at all. So, remove that hidden key.


Use Outdoor Motion-Detecting Lights

Burglars that target homes at night can often be put off by lights. This might sound simplistic, but it really does have an impact. When criminals have a spotlight thrown on them, they’re quick to back away. And if they can see that your home has extensive light coverage, they will be less likely to target your home in the first place. They like the cover of darkness, so make sure that they can’t have it. It’s easy to get simple motion-detecting lights fitted around the outside of your home, so make it happen as soon as possible.

Your home doesn’t need to be a soft target any longer; make the most of these ideas and tips.

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