Lab Vs. Field: Which Is Best?

Green Leaf Plant

The modern world is filled with loads of different ways to look after and protect your body. Creams, gels, tablets, powders, and other supplements are dominating the health foods market. And, this isn’t set to change anytime soon. For a lot of people, this area can be very confusing. There are arguments everywhere for and against chemical treatments. People are sure that their natural remedies are better for you. And, this means that some research has to be done. To shed light on the differences between chemical and natural supplements and beauty products, this post will be going through both sides for you. This should give you a good idea of which is best for you. And, if there’s any cause for concern with the products you already use.

When something is made in a lab and has a list of odd-sounding chemicals on the bottle, it can be hard to trust it. Over the years, a lot of chemicals have been found to be dangerous, after people have been using them for a long time. Of course, this was all in the days before true testing was implemented before products go to market, though. And, today, you’re at a very low risk of having to deal with this. A lot of people also argue that chemicals will always be harsher to your skin. But, this depends on the exact chemical. For example, water is a chemical compound, and your body is made from it. So, it doesn’t hurt to drink it.

Now, when you move over to the natural side of things, the arguments you hear against them are much the same as with lab-made products. Only, it comes from a different angle. A lot of the biggest arguments you hear against natural products is that they don’t have the power to provide the results you want. Of course, this may be true from product to product. But, in reality, this blanket can’t be placed over everything. Along with this, some people argue that natural remedies simply won’t work at all. But, the products on a website like OZnaturals has loads of products with true scientific testing behind them. This shows that, at least in some examples, these products do have the potential to provide good results. And, some even work better than their chemical alternatives.

This doesn’t get us very far, unfortunately. The results show that both lab-made and natural products in this market have merit. And, instead of one being much better than the other, it depends more on the individual products you buy. For those with sensitive skin or who want to avoid harsh options, the natural products out there will probably serve you better. But, you can’t assume they’re safe or mild because they’re made from plants or other natural extracts. Deathly Nightshade is a beautiful plant. But, it has the potential to kill a large adult male. This just goes to show how hard it is to tell which side of the coin is better.

This post should shed some light on the differences between products which are made in labs and ones which come from natural resources. It can be very hard to tell which is better. So, it can be a good idea to try a range of options until one suits you.

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