No More Nosey Neighbours!


Unfortunately, you can’t choose your neighbours, so when you move house, you might end up stuck with some nightmare people nextdoor. And there is nothing worse than nosey neighbours who always try and snoop into your business! Don’t worry; though, you don’t have to stand for nosey neighbours. You’re perfectly in your right to try and stop them finding out all about you! Here are some ways you can deal with them.

Ignore Them

Your neighbours might be annoying you to try and attract your attention or to try and get a reaction from you. In this case, the best thing you can do is to simply ignore them. Before long, they will get bored and will give up trying to get a reaction. Ignoring them will also prevent you from retaliating in a way that could end up with you in trouble.

Make Friends

More often than not, elderly people are often the nosiest. This is especially the case if they are old and live alone. Their nosiness might just be a symptom of loneliness. It could be worth reaching out to them and trying to get to know them a bit better. Once the two of you start to become a lot friendlier and get to know each other, they might not feel the need to snoop into your life so much!

Avert Their View

Do you notice that your neighbour keeps on peering into your windows whenever they pass by? Why not try averting their view? You could this by getting your windows tinted by or buying some net curtains. Another way of blocking the view through the window is to plant some trees or tall bushes in front of it. Once your neighbour realises that they can’t see in anymore, they will stop looking.

Tell Them Outright

If things persist, you should confront them and let them know that you aren’t happy with their behaviour. They might not realise that they are being nosey and might be very apologetic. But whatever they think, at least telling them gets it off your chest. Hopefully, it will prompt them to change their behaviour and leave you alone. Ideally, you should speak to them face to face. If you think you will get too angry or they might react badly, you could just send them a letter.

Call The Police

If your neighbour’s behaviour seems to be bordering on stalking, you should contact the police immediately. Once their habits start to go beyond being annoying and start to be scary or threatening, you should let the authorities know. They can tell you what you should do, and they will also be able to have words with your neighbour. If required, they will also be able to take action such as putting a restraining order in place. There is more information at

Nosey neighbours can be terrible to deal with but, more often than not, they won’t bother you forever. And, thankfully, if things do get unbearable, you can always take your case to the police.

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