Bright Ideas For Health Conscious Mums And Dads

As parents, your children’s health is the most important thing in the world. Still, just because you care about their health doesn’t mean you are doing everything in your power to improve their well-being. Sorry to be blunt, but ensuring they don’t bang their head or catch their hands on the stove aren’t the be all and end all. They’re significant, but there is more to being a health conscious parent. Quite simply, you have to cover every base to teach them and create good routines. To help, here are a few hacks which work all of the time.

Make Them Wash Hands

Lots of kids and adults sit down to a meal without washing their hands. Are you one of them? You wouldn’t be if you knew that says your hands play home to over 300,000 bacteria. Of course, some germs are good and help regulate the human body. But, others are nasty and are the causes of diseases and illnesses such as the flu or common cold. With over 300,000 on your hands and the hands of your kids, it is safe to assume they are not all good. Getting them to wash their hands will eliminate the bad germs and keep them at bay while their hands are near their mouths.

Prepare Healthy Meals

Kids eat up to four times a day with snacks in between. Therefore, it’s a good idea to prepare the meals beforehand to ensure they don’t eat tonnes of junk food. Buying healthy snacks such as carrot sticks is one awesome way to introduce them to fruit and vegetables early on in life. Plus, a cooler box in the car means there is no reason to worry about them being cranky because they haven’t eaten in awhile. The same goes for dinners, but try planning two or three at a time to make the prospect less daunting.

Schedule Dental Appointments

Being a health conscious parent is just about looking after their mental and physical well-being. Oral health also plays a big factor in your kids health. Of course, brushing twice a day and using mouthwash and floss should already be apart of the routine. In addition, make sure they see a dentist at least once or twice every three or four months. According to, kids need regular check ups to prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar, and to stop the onset of cavities. Nowadays, you can set up an appointment immediately after to keep the routine going.

Create Regular Sleeping Patterns

Depending on their age, the amount of sleep they need will differ. On average, kids need at least nine hours a night if they are not going to be a nightmare the next day. To get them down, a parent needs to set a routine so that they can slip into bed each night without realising. Start by giving them a bath or a shower, and then changing them into their PJs. Then, maybe give them half an hour watching TV before they have to hit the hay. All of this together means the kids know when bedtime is coming and won’t (hopefully) fight it.

Hopefully, these tips will help you and your kids become more health conscious in the future.

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