Don’t Let Your Home Energy Use Destroy the Earth

Like it or not, we all need to do a little bit more if we’re going to keep the effects of manmade climate change at bay. Most people want to do well, but are not sure how! The good news is that it’s easier than you think. No matter how big your home is or how many people live there, you’ll be able to reduce your energy use and do your bit to protect mother earth. And there’s an added benefit too: most of the things you can do will also reduce your energy bills, putting more money in your back pocket. Score!


Keep The Home Toasty

Everybody wants the earth to be healthy...but we always want to stay warm when it’s chilly, and cool when it’s hot. So we’re going to need to turn on that heating and have the AC pumping from time to time. The important thing is to make sure whatever air we do generate isn’t being unnecessarily lost due to insufficient insulation. For example, if you have the heating on but don’t have cavity wall insulation, or have draughty windows, then a lot of the heat you’re generating will be getting lost to the outside air.

Use What You Need

And talking of heating, how hot does it need to be? If you turn down your heat even by a degree or two, you can make a big difference to your energy consumption, and thus your bills. In some cases, you might be ineffectively using resources without even realizing it. Have a water efficiency audit conducted by a company like and you’ll be helping the environment and reducing your bills at the same time. A few simple adjustments might make the energy you are using much more efficient, with no compromise on quality.

Utilize Technology

You might have a traditional energy meter in your home, but realistically, how often do you look at it? Never, is the most likely answer. Fortunately, you can not invest in a smart meter, which will show you how much energy you’re using, where you’re using it, and how much it costs you. It’ll show you in real time exactly where the energy is being used, allowing you to reduce the usage in real time, rather than waiting for your bill to come through, which is what would usually happen.

Simple Practices

Most of the changes we can make are simple ones and have to do with our practices within the home. For example, taking shorter showers each morning can make a big difference when spread over the year. You can also ensure that any televisions or consoles you have in the home are completely switched off when not in use. The same also goes for the lights.


This is only a starting point for the changes you can make. As better technologies are released, introduced them into your home. If we all do our bit, we’ll be making it much easier for the earth to stay healthy for longer!

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