Don’t Forget These Hidden Costs When Moving Home


Moving home is an expensive process. Many people can get so caught up saving for a deposit or down payment on their new property that they forget to budget or all the extra details. Here are some of the hidden costs and how to make them less pricy.

Using an agent

If you’re selling a property through an agent, they will generally want an agency fee and some commission. It’s possible to advertise your property without an agent, but it will be more difficult as you’ll have to find buyers yourself and be around to give viewings.

Some agents may also sneakily charge a buying fee. You should try to ask about this first before committing to a purchase as many agents will only warn you about at the last minute and it could be a lot. If you’re looking for a place to rent and going through a tenancy agency, they will also generally charge a fee. In some cases you may be able to negotiate an agency fee.

Checking for future costs

It’s worth hiring a surveyor if you’re buying a property to check that there aren’t any expensive hidden repair costs around the corner. A surveyor will be able to check for any cracks in walls or subsidence that could cause a future problem. This could cost a few hundred dollars, but could save you thousands in the future.

Getting it legally approved

When buying a new property, it’s important that the legal paperwork is transferred over to you. This is a complex process that’s best handled by a solicitor often known as a conveyancer. You can usually negotiate conveyancer fees – like a surveyor, their services are likely to cost a couple hundred dollars.

Moving your possessions

It’s possible to hire a van and move your own possessions. This is a cheap solution if you haven’t got too many belongings to transport, however for those with a lot stuff, it could work out more expensive due to making multiple journeys – or at the very least it could end up causing more stress. A removals company will be able to shift your stuff quickly and efficiently. For a long distance move, a specialist removalist may be required. Costs can vary widely depending on how much stuff you hope to take and how far you plan to move it.

Cleaning your old property

Once all the possessions are out of your old home, you’ll need to clean it for the next owner. Some agents will be able to provide this service for you, whilst others will leave it up to you. This can be gruelling work and so it could be worth hiring a professional cleaning company to completely deep clean the property. The cost will depend on the size of your property and how unclean it is. Shop around for multiple quotes to find the cheapest.

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