First Year Home Upgrades: Where Should Your Priorities Lie For Fast Improvements?

When moving into a new property, it’s never going to be 100% to your requirements. In truth, it will probably take years to truly stamp your tastes and preferences on the new home. However, you can go a long way to making it feel like yours in those opening 12 months simply by getting your priorities in order.   
Focusing on the right upgrades doesn’t only bring the most significant change in the fastest time. It also enables you to speed up the process of the overall transformation by utilising your budget in the best manner. Here are six goals you should focus on straight away.

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Security: A safe home is a happy home, and you’ll never acquire true contentment until protection is at the desired level. Home CCTV and surveillance equipment is more affordable and accessible than ever. When combined with secure doors and windows, the whole property will feel better. Automated gates and garden systems can be used to further enhance those feelings. Either way, this should be top of the agenda.
Eco-Friendliness: We all have a responsibility to embrace green living. Regarding the home, though, those improvements can be financially rewarding too. Start the transformation with these top 5 tips on where to start when considering solar for your home! The running costs associated with the property will rapidly decrease while the home’s value may increase too. The fact you’ll be helping the environment is only a bonus.   
Space: No matter how big or small your new home is, utilising the available space is vital. There’s nothing worse than an overcrowded and claustrophobic house. Moving is a perfect time to declutter while you should ensure that every room serves its purpose too. Give the garden a sense of function too, and it’ll instantly bring a new dimension to the home. Besides, when the home feels as though it has been adapted to your needs, your relationship with it will thrive.
Lighting: Creating the perception of space is one thing, but injecting light is what will bring a positive atmosphere. There are many ways to achieve this, including lighter wall colours and the strategic use of mirrors. Meanwhile, this list of top 5 lighting solutions will transform the home’s vibe too. Get this aspect right, and every room will feel bigger and better. Moreover, the impact it can have on your general sense of positivity can be truly life-changing.
Bedroom Comfort: Every room will eventually need to feel comfortable. Right now, though, bedrooms should be the priority. Failure to get a good night’s sleep will take its toll on your relationship with the home. Find a comfortable bed and thick curtains while boosting the HVAC facilities. Meanwhile, a TV or radio can go a long way to resisting the urge to use your smartphone before bed. Seriously, the impact that this can have on your general happiness is monumental.   

Getting those elements won’t complete the home transformation. But they will generate a far happier general atmosphere. As a new homeowner, that’s all you can really ask for.

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