Forget Love - Room Is All You Need!


You might be surprised to hear the lengths that some people will go to for more room in their home. There are various updates you can make in your property to try and get more from its size, but some people much prefer to spend a whole lot of money to move into a brand new place! That is one very expensive solution, though.

Can’t afford to move out but really need some more space at home? Don’t worry - here are some things you can do when room is all you need!

Open Up Your Entrance

If you want to create an illusion of space as soon as people walk into your home, you should work on your entryway. This is where most families store all of their coats, jackets, and shoes, and this can make the space feel very cluttered. So, it’s a good idea to make sure you add some storage spaces to your hallway where you can hide all this clutter. Shoe racks are great storage solution for all your footwear. Rather than hanging your coats on pegs on the walls of your entryway - this can take up a lot of space - you should add a wardrobe where you can discreetly store them out of sight.

Extend Into Your Loft

Is your loft currently an unused space in your home? Why not extend up into it and create an extra room? People often decide to do this is they have another baby on the way and will need another bedroom. But some homeowners carry out an extension if they just need some extra storage space. Remember to add some Paterson Supplies skylights to your conversion as these can bring in more sunlight, which will help to open up the room. As well as creating a lot more space, converting your loft will also add on quite a bit of value to your property!


Utilise Kids Rooms

Your kids probably won’t have a lot of their own stuff until they are around the age of seven or eight. Before then, you can keep their belongings down to a very minimum. And that might mean that their bedrooms are quite empty. So, why not utilize these bedrooms to store some of your stuff? You could add some wardrobes if you and your partner have too many clothes for the one in your bedroom. You might also want to buy your child a bed with storage underneath it so that you have space to store your towels and sheets.

Maximise Your Utility Room

You might not really like your utility room, but it can be a great space for storing your junk. It doesn’t matter if this room isn’t stylish. After all, no one is going to want to see it! So, if you have space, you can add in lots of cupboards, chests of drawers, and closets. Just remember to leave space for your washing machine and tumble dryer!

Room is all you need - and you can easily have it!

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