Going The Extra Mile To Live A Lavish Lifestyle

Going on holiday is not just about moving away from the everyday drag of life and somehow curing your boredom. It’s also about having a chance to live the lifestyle you wish you could for the rest of your life. For however long or short your stay might by, a stylish and lavish holiday apartment can supply you with a sense of opulence. You may be sitting at home right now, looking at a magazine, observing the splendid rooms and the views that make you gasp. Equally, you may be frantically searching online to find that apartment that caters to all your needs, so as to book early and make sure you secure it. But moving to hastily can lump you in on something you didn’t bargain for and will only realise you don’t want when you’re there and it's too late. So what should you be aiming to put on your checklist for a real luxury holiday?

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What’s your limit

Since you’re going to be living an elaborate lifestyle for however long you’re going to stay, it’s not really about wrenching in a budget, but making a line you won’t cross. Luxury holidays can come with just about anything you want, from an expensive room service that will be on hand at all hours, to materials that are fit for a king to be in your room. Could you do with the silk bedsheets, or would you rather you only slept on pure Egyptian cotton? Can you make do without your own car to pick your up in the morning, ready to go sightseeing, and would you mind if there were 2-star Michelin restaurants close by or 3-star? Knowing your limits will give you the parameter from which you can work in, without dampening your grand lifestyle.

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The location

The location is almost everything because even though your temporary residents will be grand, you won’t be staying in it for the majority of the time. For the duration of the stay, where you are will be the part of your holiday that truly makes the mood. If you prefer to be inland, and somewhere in the heart of a bustling city, the best holiday apartments may come from London, Tokyo and Rome to name a few. However, if you want to be by the coast and have the opportunity to have the soft sand spread out under your feet, speak to the star residences. Not only are you surrounded by still lakes, but you’re also not too far from the surfing scene. You’ll also be conveniently positioned between the state-of-the-art Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre. International cuisine is evenly scattered all along the coastline, so you’ll never be bored with the plethora of flavours on offer.

Is it dream-worthy

You may have a picture you in your about what the most perfect holiday or place in the world is to you. So does your chosen location and holiday apartment live up to those expectations? The sunset should be just as beautiful as the sunrise, but that all depends on the spirit of the country, city and or region. Accessibility is also a big part of holidays that are dream-worthy as swimming pools, spas and history of the culture are tie up as equally important.

Where you’re going is more important than where you’ve been, so narrow down your selection of locations. There’s no need to knit-pick to have a luxury holiday, thus try and find a limit to what you’re prepared to pay for. Is the lavish lifestyle you’re chosen to live, something you’ve always wanted or is purely for the occasion?

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