Is Your Energy Bill Running Away With Itself? The Tips To Save You Some Money

Our energy bills can be one of the things that can end up costing us more than it should do, without us even realising it. Think about it. You may switch on your heating in the winter without a care in the world. Pop on the air conditioning in the summer without a moment's consideration to the bill. Lights will be switched on, even left on when you aren’t there. There are many ways that the bill rises, and often, we pay a similar debit each month and will be none the wiser to our usage until we speak with the energy company. Many of us can then be left with huge bills and debts to either add on to our repayments or pay off in full.

However, energy, just like your food bill, can be controlled ins some way by yourself. After all, it is only what you use in your home and how you use it, that has a major effect on your bill. So I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can reduce your energy bill within you home. Perhaps even enabling you to lower those monthly payments once and for all.


Change provider

Many of us are quite happy to let our energy bill be debited each month without another thought. Of course, that is until you realise your payments aren’t covering the amount of energy you are using in your home. But that’s another story. What we can all fail to realise is that our energy providers can offer better deals at better rates for new customers, which often means that you are paying more than somebody else using the same amount as you. So why don’t you become a new customer somewhere else? Switching energy providers can often save you a fair bit on your monthly payments. You can do this as often as you want just bear in mind that any outstanding balances will need to be paid. So it may be worth ensuring you are paying out enough in the first instance. But this could be a great way to slash the bill in the future.

Look at alternative ways to keep your home cool in the summer

Keeping your home cool can often be a dramatic task to encounter. The heat outside can be unbearable at times, and you want you home to be a cool, safe haven. So why not look at alternative ways to keep your home cool rather than just cranking up the air conditioning, which can be quite costly. First up, you could consider window tinting to help keep the solar glare out of your home. This is a great way to keep the house cool, but it can also help to keep your heat inside during the winter months, so there is a double benefit. You could also think about how you use your home. Ensuring all blinds and curtains are drawn shut, close off doors of rooms you are not using to avoid heat circulating. You could even take advantage of the morning and even cool air and open up the windows before the sun rises and after it sets. Allowing the cool air to circulate and freshen up your home.  

Be smart with your heating

It can be so tempting to switch on the heating at any opportunity and crank it up to its highest point to heat your home faster. But the sudden surge of energy required to do this can be costly in the long-term. Instead, try and consider using the heating and leaving it at a more consistent temperature all the time. This way your home always feels warm, but the keeping a consistent temperature is far more cost-effective.

Switch appliances off

Leaving a TV on standby, letting appliances remain plugged in with the switch on, these are all things we can be guilty of doing on a day to day basis. Instead, be proactive and switch things off at the mains. Even though you think they are off on standby, they are still using some form of energy to keep that red light on, or even sending little surges of energy through the wires from the plug. This may be a small change with a small benefit, but combining it with other methods could help to reduce your bill.


Be conscious of the lights in your home

How many of us enter a room, switch the light on, walk out of it and forget to switch the light off? Many of us are guilty of this, children especially who have no concept on how much energy and cost there is involved. Switch those lights off. Also, you may want to consider switching the bulbs to energy savings ones, this can reduce your bill quite heavily. Lastly, when it comes to lights, a lamp will always be more cost-effective than the main light in a room.

Avoid using a dryer when doing laundry

We all have to wash clothes, and while it isn't convenient to go back decades and hand wash them, we can be a little savvier with how we do it. For convenience, many of us will choose to put the wet clothes in a dryer, but these can be a real sap on your energy bill. Try hanging washing outside on warm days, or using a clothes hanger in your home. Save the dryer for emergency use.


Have you thought of solar energy?

Finally, many people are considering the switch from the main energy source to solar power, and are finding that this will significantly reduce your energy outgoings. Solar panels are fitted easily to the roof of your property at the most prominent position for the sun. They can then utilise the solar rays and turn it into energy that will heat your home, heat your water and allow you to use appliances in your home just as you would normally. Thankfully, there is plenty of information online if you are considering this option.

I hope these tips help to save you money on your energy bills.

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