Spend Less on Life's Essentials


We all have essentials in life; things like food and electricity that must be budgeted for before we can think about spending our hard-earned cash on the fun things in life like clothes, holidays and trips to the cinema. If we can find a way to spend less on these essentials, then we can spend more money on the fun stuff, and more importantly, save more money for the future.

There are countless ways that you may be able to spend less on life’s essentials, but here are some of the easiest and most effective to get you started:

Buy Food in Bulk

If you’re able to buy your food in bulk, doing so could see you make significant savings in the months and years to come. You can buy pulses, rice, pasta and even meat (which you can freeze) in bulk from places like Affordable Wholefoods and then you just need to work on creating a meal plan that will allow you to use your bulk produce up effectively before it expires.

Cut Down on Meat

If you eat meat, you might enjoy it, but you have to admit that it can be pretty expensive, and really most of us don’t need to eat so much of it. So, if you can try to cut your meat consumption by 30-50 percent, replacing it with more affordable beans and legumes, which are also packed with protein, and you’ll see your grocery budget dwindle.

Install Solar Panels

Having solar panels installed by Essential Solar might require you to make a not insignificant investment upfront, but if you can afford it, it’s a great way to cut your monthly power costs by a whole lot. We’re lucky where we live that we get an almost constant supply of sun, so it seems silly that we pay over the odds for electricity when we could be generating our own! Once you have solar panels in place, they will, in just a few short years, pay for themselves, so it’s a no-brainer.

Ditch the Second Car

If you’re a two car family, and it seems like most families do have at least two vehicles these days, try to see if ditching one of the cars would be feasible. If it is, and if you’re able to share the car successfully, you’ll save money on gas, insurance, tax, repairs - you could literally save thousands.

Rent or Swap Clothes

Obviously, buying used from the op shop is the best way to save money on your clothing needs, but if you have a passion for fashion or there really aren’t many good used options in your area, you could consider swapping clothes with friends, family and neighbours to ensure your wardrobe always remains interesting. For those

Renegotiate Bills

There are many bills like your cell bill and insurance policies which are necessary, and which you can’t cancel, but which you may well be paying over the odds for. A good way to spend less on these essentials is by calling up the companies involved and simply asking them for a better deal. You’d be shocked how often, in order to retain your business, they’ll offer to put you on a better plan. In the case of insurance, if your circumstances have changed, you may be able to get a better deal, and if not, using a comparison site to switch could see you paying a fraction of what you are now.

Just because things are essential, really doesn’t mean they have to be expensive!

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