Summer Activities That Can Still Be Done In Autumn

Autumn gets colder as it goes on and the ground gets crunchier the more we spend time outside. Leaf diving, chestnut collecting, and getting mud stains on your shoes just walking through a park are pretty standard these days. However, just because summer has rolled away from us again doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate in a sunny way. If you have a garden, and some time to spare, what you get up to can still have a summery feel. Below are a few ideas on the activities that can still be done with autumn weather and the busy schedules both children and adults alike have once again.


Have a Backyard BBQ

During the early autumn, you can have a bbq if you want. With the weather getting cooler and cooler, it’s nice to have a sprinkling of summer wafting towards you in the form of food. If you don’t fancy using your own bbq parts because of possible rain damage, or you have none left over from the summer, you can always pick up some bbq spare parts. This saves you worrying and lets the grill live another day.

Go Bug Hunting

Summer means a lot of bugs are coming out of their warm hidey holes, with crickets covering the local parks and bees all over the sunflowers. However, a lot of bugs are out at this time of the year as well, you’ve just got to check the leaf piles and fallen logs. This is a great family activity, and is hugely educational as well.

So many interesting bugs can come out at the sign of cooler weather, including ones you won’t see in the summer. Creatures such as the gypsy moth have plenty of eggs to find laid on tree trunks during these upcoming months. You might even be able to spot a praying mantis depending on the climate you’re in!

Have Some Outside Sports

Before the winter activities of ice hockey or even a spot of curling kick in, there’s some more traditional sports that can still be played these days. A good kickabout is still possible, and having a few leaves floating along with a ball as it goes just makes it more fun.

You can even go canoeing on calm waters. Autumn is the time we think of reflection on blue rivers with the mountainside shining on them. Well take this image to the extreme with a calm ride down a winding river. If your wanderlust isn’t sated by this idea, then you can explore some caves. With plant life more likely to go into hibernation, it’s easier to find cave entrances. Just make sure you know what you’re headed into and have at least a little bit of common sense when it comes to it.

There’s plenty of things to be done in autumn that mean you won’t be cooped up inside. Let your kids run wild and join them in their efforts. There’s plenty to discover outside this season.

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