The Often Forgotten Items Every Parent Will Need For Their Baby

Your bouncing bundle of joy is one of the most important things to happen to you in your life, but he or she will require plenty of consideration to look after well. After all, a baby promises to uproot everything you thought you knew about life so far and change it. After having your first child, you’ll realise that the central focus of your life - yourself, now focuses on a different matter entirely. Your priorities will orbit around your child from now on. No one sets out intending to be a forgetful parent, but not everyone has the experience necessary to simply give their children all they need in the first few months. The items on this list are not completely essential, but can provide your baby with a level of comfort and happiness which is simply nice to have. Everyone can be a great parent with a little foresight, and the following tips will help you do just that.

Sleep Aids

Baby’s often have sporadic and unpredictable sleeping patterns which can be difficult to pin down and help. As a parent, you want to make sure you do everything to keep your child safe, feeling protected and secure and at the right temperature every night. Any less and you threaten to damage the sleep quality of your baby. It’s important now more than ever to set up responsible sleep habits regarding your little bundle of joy.

A sleep aid in the form of a baby comforter can work wonders here. It can serve as form of ‘companion’ which comforts and allows the baby to feel protected in it’s sleeping environment. It can be hugged, nibbled, chewed on (without teeth, luckily,) and otherwise used to make your child feel secure. This is a great way to help soothe your child when they wake up crying in the middle of the night. The smell of it is sure to be an associative trick to help them feel happy when upset. Bringing this, with it’s included smells, to day trips or errands you have to run can help your child sleep in environments outside of the bed too, such as during long car journeys or in long pram rides. Just make sure you wash the comforter often with non-irritating sensitive fabric conditioner and non-bio baby-friendly detergent.

Bath Implements

Having a bath is often a pretty intense experience for a baby. Getting the water exactly the right temperature, helping them feel safe during their exposed cleaning, and having the right drying/talcing/changing station nearby will work wonders in keeping your baby hygienic and happy when it comes to bathtime. For this reason, purchasing baby bath toys, especially those which make music, can help your baby feel like bath time is playtime.

Make sure you always keep the temperature of the room in mind, as well as the water. This can be achieved by two bath thermometers which can ensure you don’t have to rely on feel alone, as babies are often much more sensitive to temperature change than adults are. Implemented well, bath time is likely to be a positive time for them.

Implement these methods, and you’re sure to be a super parent, even more so than you already are.

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