3 Reasons Why You Are Starting To Hate Your Home

After a while, many of us get into the position where we begin to hate the house we live in. The words ‘home sweet home’ no longer have the same impact they used to. This can be for many reasons, and we have tried to predict some of them right here. So, if your home is getting you down, and you are plain sick of the place you are living in, we have some advice you might find useful.

You are bored of your surroundings

Every so often, our homes need a makeover. Perhaps the color scheme you chose several years ago may no longer suit your tastes. The furniture is becoming shabby and is worn down with wear. You prefer to spend time at your mates house, rather than coming home to the dreariness yours has become. Rather than let this common problem get you down, get your thinking cap on and do something about it. A fresh lick of paint can brighten up a room, a few knickknacks can give the room a personal touch, and houseplants can bring life into a drab space. When it comes to furnishings, try some of the stylish decors at Vincent Design to replace your old stuff, or layer some colorful throws over your existing sofa. A few simple changes can transform your home, and make it worth living in again.

You have terrible neighbours

We can choose the home we live in, but we can’t choose our neighbours. Perhaps you have always had difficult people living next door to you, or maybe a new set have moved in recently and are literally driving you up the wall. Other than framing them for a crime they didn’t commit, you probably won’t be able to replace them with the neighbours of your dreams. However, you could make an effort and get to know them. If you can get on good speaking terms with them, you may be able to reason with your neighbours, such as asking them to turn their music down, or suggesting they keep their barking dogs inside. If that doesn’t work, there is further advice here, which includes mediation and legal action if their behavior becomes unbearable.

Your home is costing you a fortune

Unfortunately, the cost of living is high, but there are ways to reduce costs. We have already given you some advice on reducing your energy bills, and you may be able to speak to your mortgage provider if monthly payments are becoming a problem. There are other areas in your life where you can save money, such as planning your shopping list before you fall prey to temptation at the supermarket, and canceling any costly subscriptions that dent your bank balance. A few simple steps will help you save your hard-earned money, without you having to downsize to something that doesn’t cater to your family’s needs.


The above are some of the common reasons why people begin to hate the place they live in. However, there may be issues that are unique to your situation. Rather than move out and live somewhere new, consider what those issues are. Instead of complaining about them, is there anything you can do to remedy the situation? By being proactive, you may be able to fall in love with your home all over again. Thanks for reading.

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