4 Cosmetic Reasons To Give Up Cigarettes

The link between cigarette smoke and deadly diseases is obvious. From cancer to heart and lung disease, a crafty fag is potentially fatal. Not to trivialise health, but there are other reasons to quit, mainly the cosmetic effect on your body. Your health is the number one priority, but everyone cares about their appearance. Unfortunately, a smoking habit can take years off your health and make you appear older. From an aesthetics point of view, a nicotine addiction isn’t a wise move.

Here are four reasons to quit for the sake of your looks.

Saggy Skin

Skin is the biggest organ in the body, covering 2 square metres or 22 square feet. In regards to your appearance, it’s an essential component because it’s massive. Plus, it’s a focal point which is easily visible. Due to the toxins in cigarette smoke, your skin gets impacted in a pretty bad way. Not only does it toxify the pores, but it clogs them and enhances the ageing process. Also, some reports suggest it can change the colour of skin, just like it does with teeth. Dropping or reducing the habit can make skin moister and more elastic.

Yellow Teeth

The smoke breaks down the enamel on your teeth and leaves the dentine exposed. Once dentine mixes with oxygen, it begins to change colour, going a nasty shade of yellow. At the moment, your teeth may not be bright yellow, but they will be if you continue your habit. Even a yellowish hue isn’t attractive. And, don’t assume that whitening products can help. Frequently asked questions on teeth whitening often revolve around smoking. Although they are powerful, whitening kits can’t bring back enamel. It’s better to quit smoking and add a whitening agent for a picture-perfect smile.

Violent Coughing

Your lungs are the most impacted organ in the body. Tar from cigarettes deposits in the lungs and restricts the respiratory system. To combat the tar and chemical, the organs try to cough up the fluid that builds. If you suffer from coughing fits, this is the reason why. Now, no one can see the effort that is going on underneath the hood. However, they can see and hear you retching when the green mucus makes its way up the throat. Honestly, there is nothing less attractive than watching a smoker cough and splutter.

Grey Hair

In fact, the worst effect of smoking is hair loss. Studies suggest that people who suffer from a loss of hair are more likely to be smokers. Of course, a person’s genes have a role to play, too, which is why the results aren’t categorical. Still, the people behind the tests are certain smoke chemicals don’t help hair follicles. One thing they are confident about is greying hair. The substances in cigarettes stop the production of hormones which in turn result in a loss of colour. Some people pull off grey hair off, while others look old and frail.

If the health reasons aren’t enough, then the cosmetic effects should be.

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