Bye Bye Magnolia- Say Hello To Glamorous Grey!

For years and years, magnolia was the ultimate neutral decor shade. Warmer than white while still being light and making any space look bright and airy, it works with lots of different accent colours and you can buy huge vats of magnolia paint cheaply making it a favourite with landlords and home sellers too. But magnolia is now officially out, and trends have now moved towards cool, glamorous grey instead. According to this is set to be the neutral of choice for the next decade and beyond, so if you’re due an update of your home this is a good way to go and is unlikely to fall out of fashion for quite some time. Here’s how you can ditch the magnolia and go grey instead.

Paint Colour
Your first job would be finding the right colour for the walls. The trick here is to keep it very light, often a grey paint that almost looks off white in a swatch will look very grey on the walls. Even a medium grey will look very dark when it goes up, keep this for the feature wall if you want to add contrast. Your best bet is to get a couple of testers and paint them onto the wall first, see how they look in different lighting. Some greys can be quite blue toned, others more neutral so choose carefully so you can get the exact colour you want. If you’re not sure, hiring an interior designer like can help you choose each element of the room so that when it all comes together it’s coherent and beautiful. But your paint colour is your starting point for the whole room so it has to be right.

Sofas and Suites
When you’re decorating your living room in grey, you have a couple of options. The first would just be to go for a grey suite, something a little darker would contrast with light grey walls or you could add darker cushions and throws. Another option would be to choose a black suite. This is good as it gives you options if you want to change your colour scheme in the future. While grey will go with a lot of other colours, black will go with even more so even if you did want to go back to magnolia later down the line you wouldn’t need a new suite. Warmer colours like cream and brown won’t go with grey, so if your existing suite is in these colours you’d need to update it before changing your colour scheme.

Soft Furnishings

For your soft furnishings, whites and other shades of grey will of course work well- as will black. Blush pink looks stunning along with grey, and if you wanted to create quite a girly looking space this is how you could go about it. Cushions, throws, rugs, curtains, all of these could incorporate your accent colour. These are also things that will make your home feel warm, cosy and homely especially at this time of year.

Fixtures Decorative Items

Finally the decorative items are how you bring in personality and added style to your grey room. Grey will of course work with silver, so things like curtain poles, furniture and accessories include silver or silver coloured metals are a great choice. If you were going for a blush and grey theme, rose gold and copper also work well. Candles, vases, living plants, clocks and photo frames will all bring the space to life. Marble and marble effect like works particularly well with a grey room so is one to look out for when you’re buying home accessories.

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